7-Year Old Scores 9-Pointer

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It was October 20, 2007, opening day. My son, Bailey Davis from Cartersville Georgia was in the treestand with his Paw Paw in Greensboro Georgia. It was a nice morning, a little chilly, but he was just fine. A few hours went by, Paw Paw asked Bailey "Are you ready to go or do you want to stay a bit longer?" Well of course he said "Let's stay!" That they did.

About 20 minutes later, Bailey tapped Paw Paw on the shoulder and pointed. There was a buck horning a tree. Paw stared in disbelief, he had never seen a deer do that in his life. Paw Paw Rudy got Bailey's gun ready, which is a .243 Win Youth, and told him to keep his finger off the trigger guard until he was ready. Handed the gun over to my 7-year old son. Bailey got the gun in position and waited for the perfect shot! Paw Paw said he had more patience than any grown man ever would have. He waited, and waited, then he heard the gun go off, looked down about 50 yards and there laid a 9-pointer. Neither of them could believe it.

Bailey went deer hunting with his Daddy and Paw Paw last year, but Paw Paw's hunting last year was delayed due to him having a heart attack at deer camp. Same place, same treestand, same old tree that he was in this year with my son, his grandson and was able to have the best hunting trip of his life. His words to me were, if I go tomorrow, I've already lived my life to the fullest! I being his only child, couldn't be happier for either of them. Bailey Davis is ready to go back this weekend and bring home a bigger one. I hope he does...


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Very nice buck!!!

Very nice buck!!!

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great story, congrats on the

great story, congrats on the fine deer