3rd Bow Kill of 2011 Season!

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I am off to a great start in the 2011 Ohio deer archery season. On opening day, September 24th, I shot my first deer of the season which was a nice doe. I had some roasts cut out of her and had the rest made up into Trail Bologna. I already have her meat back. By the way it's been very tasty. This was also the first time I ever shot a deer in September. You can read the story about this doe under the title A First At Age 45.

Deer #2 I shot on October 10th. This was my biggest buck ever. He was a Buckeye bruiser. He had 12 scoreable points and scored 144 1/8". Out of this guy I had some round steaks, several different kinds of roasts, and pepperoni snack sticks. Once again, I already have his meat back and those pepperoni sticks are to kill for. You can read the story of this big buckeye Ohio bruiser under the title My Best Buck To Date.

Now for the story of deer #3. It was the evening of October 18th. A large rainy, windy cold front was moving into our area that night. I knew it would be a great evening to be in my doe killing stand. I arrived and was situated in the stand right about 4:30. At 5:00 I saw some movement up on the ridge. The ridge is about 60 yards away and there alot of trees between my stand and the ridge. I could see it was a single deer but I couldn't tell what it was. The deer walked off without incident.

It was now 6:00 and I heard something coming up the hill from behind me. I turned and looked over my left shoulder and saw it was another single deer. Through the trees I could see it had a decent set of antlers on it's head. He finally came into the clearing and I saw it was the nice 9 point that is a 2 1/2 year old and is a no-no on our property. It really didn't matter to me though because obviously my one buck tag is used. He walked up past me about 40 yards to my left and was out of sight by 6:08.

Fast forward to 6:13. I heard some noise on what I call the doe death trail. Sure enough I looked over and here comes a very nice looking doe and a button buck. The button buck walked right out in front of me but the doe cut behind me. I could hear her walking behind my stand as I was watching the button buck eat acorns. Then I could tell the doe was walking within 5 yards of my stand on my right side. This whole time I was not moving as I was hoping this doe would come back up and follow her button buck. Sure enough she came up on my right and walked right on past my stand. When she got out to 18 yards she stopped on her own and I then sent an Easton XX75 Tipped with the Rage 2 blade shot from my Horton Legend crossbow zooming towards her chest. She gave me a perfect quartering away angle. I watched as the arrow hit it's mark and passed through her chest. The doe kicked up her back legs and took off like a bolt of lightning. The time was now 6:17. I watched her run down the hill behind my stand about 60 yards. She then fell and flipped around a few times and was done. I then sent my wife and my son a text and called my buddy Dave to let them know of the good news.

Knowing the doe was down I sat in my stand about 15 minutes then got down to go get her. I was pretty happy because she was running towards my truck. I got to the doe, took a couple of pictures of her, gutted her and dragged her back to my truck all in less than a half hour. I was back home by 7:10. The next day I took her to the processors and just had the basic workup done on her. I had some steaks, roasts, and burger. I will probably get her meat back next week. Hopefully you all enjoyed the story and I look forward to writing a few more this fall.   


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Great job on your success

Great job on your success this year!! Getting your buggest buck so far is a real accomplishment and a great fealing. And then still being able to get out and keep hunting is great. My kids have doe tags this year but they were already sold out when I got my turn in line so it's just one deer here at home for me this year. First time in five or six years I haven't had that second tag. I won't complain though as all the other hunting we have available here more than makes up for it. I will probably never make to Ohio for any hunting but it sure looks like you have a great thing going.

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  Excellent 3rd story


Excellent 3rd story ManOfTheFall!!!  I love Ohio whitetail hunting and this time of the year!  I am extremely envious of you being able to get out there.  I won't be able to make it back to Dad's place just south of you this year.  I really wish I could be there for some great bow hunting and the start of the gun season.  I just call Dad and the brothers each weekend to review their hunts and success... but it is not the same as being there.

Also very much liked how you have your game trails titled - "doe death trail" is a great one! 

And your choice of crossbow I definitely agree with as I have a Horton as well.  I'll have to definitely try your broadheads as they look to do an awesome job!

You have 3 more doe's to take for the remainder of the year so I am looking forward to three more great stories.  And I'll bet your butcher is looking forward to your three more as well!  This may just be time for another freezer?!?!?!



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Great story MOTF! You are

Great story MOTF! You are right you are off to a great start of your season. Congrats to you on the fine looking doe. I really like the buck you got earlier this season but those does you have been putting down will taste so much better. To me a nice set of head gear is cool and fun to brag about but a good tasting doe tacks the cake in my book. I hope your sucess will continue for you for the remainder of your season and you and your faimily can fill the rest of your tags. I'm iching to get back out there and do some more hunting I only have a few more weeks to go.

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Wow! Your season is really

Wow! Your season is really going well. Congratulations on 3 fine animals.

 I have a question - what is "Trail Bologna?" I've never heard that name befoire. Is it summer sausage?

I also have a comment - you mentioned that you just got some roasts from one of the deer - I hope you took the tenderloins out for yourself before taking the deer in to the butcher. Over the years I have discovered that many hunters don't know they are there, and miss out on the very tenderest meat on the animal.

Just in case you don't know - or for anyone else who doesn't, the tenderloins are two slender, tapered pieces of muscle that lie beside the spine, just ahead of the pelvis on the INSIDE of the animal. Remove them by very carefully cutting along the spine and then you can just carefully peel them out with your fingers, using the knife a little if needed. At our home, we always eat these first - usually the same evening. We slice them across the grain so we have little "medalions", then sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry medium rare in bacon grease (or oil of your choice).

FWIW - I always also keep the backstraps and slice them into steaks. I would cry if I thought that excellent steak meat was going into burger or some kind of sausage!  :>(

Again - congrats - and thanks for your good report.


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trail bologna is an ohio

trail bologna is an ohio thing... but all you guys who havn't had it are really missing out because it is way better than summer sausage.

it's bologna made of deer or beef, and cased like summer sausage. it is by far one of the best sncks EVER! i have my inlaws bring some every time they come to visit.