2007 Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

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After backpacking for elk and mule deer unguided several times, I decided to try a guided mule deer hunt and was glad I did. Craig Smith of Triple Three Outfitters turned me on to several nice bucks and after spotting this one at 280 yards, I brought him down with my .270 rifle with one clean shot. He was dead before he hit the ground. The 130 grain Nosler Partition with 55grns of IMR 4330 gave me 2 inch groups at 300 yards.

Paul T. Keruskin – Fredericktown, PA
26" 4X6 – Not scored
1 shot (dead before he hit the ground) 280 yards with .270 – First guided mule deer trip
2007 Buffalo, Wyoming at Triple Three Ranch


ManOfTheFall's picture

Very nice muley buck!!!

Very nice muley buck!!!

numbnutz's picture

fantastic buck, thanks for

fantastic buck, thanks for sharing

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Nice buck

Great looking mulie!