2007 Washington Archery Buck

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Location Eastern Washington, Okanogan County
2007 Archery Season

I was with my mom in our truck grouse hunting with my bow, it was freezing out. I had just shot my limit in grouse and we headed back to our cabin. On the way home 3 whitetail deer crossed the road ahead, 2 were bucks. As we approached them they took off as whitetails do. I decided to try and go after one of the bucks. I ended up going in the woods after the deer and lo and behold there he was on the hillside about 70 yards away. I pulled back and put my 40 yard pin, just above his back and shot. The buck was hit!!! The arrow ended up hitting the spine, he came and tumbled back to me and I put another arrow in him. He was a 4 X 4 whitetail 105 lbs on the meat hook. Currently at the taxidermist.


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NIce buck. One crazy shot.

NIce buck. One crazy shot.

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good looking archery buck,

good looking archery buck, congrats

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Nice archery buck congrats