2007 Colorado Turkey Hunt

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Cort, Brett and I had a great time hunting Colorado Merriams. Cort & Brett have been hunting them together for a few years now and have the fever. They've been telling me for a while now what a "kick in the pants" hunting turkey is, so Big Game hunting Hiker decided to give it a try. Man were those two correct, we had a blast.

We arrived at camp with a half hour or so of hunting left in the day so Cort said "let's hunt for a few minutes". We threw on our camo and tore off down the trail. I could tell my friend was a little jazzed about this as I had a hard time keeping up with him. We made it a half mile or so in a few minutes, I have to tell you, I was sucking goose eggs, man am I out of shape. We split up and called a little while, no response. Before we knew it, shooting time was over, so we headed back to camp to set everything up. Once set up we decided to practice using our diaphrams and try to sound like a hen. Cort & Brett sounded pretty good but I couldn't get the hang of it. I could get a good cow elk call out of that turkey call though and even managed a few bull grunts.......I'm just not a turkey hunter, I told em. So I decided to leave that diaphram at camp and bring the box call.

The next morning we got up at 4:30 sharp, ate a little breakfast, had a cup of Joe and hit the trail. We made it a mile or so before we had shooting light, I was planning on going off by myself by Cort said "No, you're hunting with me". He must have thought I had no chance of getting a turkey, with the way I sounded the night before when I was practicing calling. LOL! So Brett went to the right and we headed up this drainage to the left. We hiked a couple of miles up and would stop and call every 100-200 yards but no response. We saw some fresh bear tracks in the snow but no turkey sign other than a few scatches. We decided to cross the creek and head up high, above Brett and see if we can get any gobblers to respond back. After a mile or so we finally had a response......that was so cool to hear that Gobbler....gobble. Well I thought, I know how they received that name. We would call and before we could finish, he would yell back. We did this for a little while and decided to try to go lower and get closer without getting busted. When we got down the mountain, we couldn't get them to answer back. But we kept trying and moving around trying to locate them. About 20 minutes went by and I thought I heard a hen, so we started making hen calls.....a gobbler responded. We set up the hen and jake decoy and hid next to a tree and started calling to get them to come in. Everything went quiet but I had watch enough turkey hunting videos to know I'd better have my 12 gauge up and pointed in the right direction just in case they're silently moving in. A few minutes later, I see some movement, then a turkey jumps over this log and spots our jake decoy. He goes into a full strut and steps behind a tree, I aim my gun and wait. I see another gobbler to his left and whisper to Cort, you take the one on the left, I have the one on the right. Mine steps out from behind the tree and lifts his head and BOOM! He falls and starts flapping his wings. I look over to Cort and was waiting for him to shoot, as his gobbler is standing right there. After a few seconds I see a few hens and the other gobbler scurry off through the woods. Cort's vison was blocked by a tree and couldn't see the other gobbler. We then went over to view our bounty. This turkey hunting is a lot of fun and I can't wait until we draw another tag. Cort connected with his gobbler on the last morning of the hunt. We put it to bed and then came back before daybreak and set up the decoys. Once daybreak came, this tom came over 200-300 yards straight in and Cort busted him. What a great time.


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Turkey hunting definitely is

Turkey hunting definitely is a kick in the pants.  My dad and brothers had been turkey hunting for several years and telling me about how much fun it was.  Four years ago, I finally decided to give it a try and join them, and I am glad I did.  It is incredibly fun and addictive!  I only wish I would have listened to them sooner.  Even though you posted this a while back, congrats on the turkey.  Thanks for sharing your story and pictures.  

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Good job on the gobbler.

Good job on the gobbler.

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very nice, congrats

very nice, congrats

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Great looking bird!