20 Steps to Tranquility

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This treestand is on three acres of land, and it has served its purpose for twenty plus years, I have taken more deer out of this tree than a lotta of peaple have seen in the woods. But the true story is about the stand itself. No matter how tough life gets, bills, jobs, money, sicknesses, etc for three months of the year when I hit the top step, sit down, listen to the sounds of the woods, hear the crunch of leaves as that buck passes close by, I forget all the problems I have. We should all be thankful for the woods that God has gave us! So the next time you go hunting just look around - you will be amazed!


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good story, thanks for

good story, thanks for sharing

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I know exactly what you are

I know exactly what you are saying!!!!!

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Great Stand!

That must be a great stand in a really good location.

I have had trouble in the past with stands that were attached to trees like that; the nails/screws whatever keep coming loose as the trees grow.

I'm assuming that you periodically change the fasteners to make sure it's good and safe?

Thanks for the story.