16 Point Washington Whitetail

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I was hunting with my brother-in-law in unit #101 (Sherman unit, Washington) the late archery whitetail deer season. We had left my truck about half way from the top of the mountain. I was hunting back to my truck and using a grunt call and working down very slow.

I heard some lambs pop and saw a doe coming my way. I could hear a buck grunting as they were getting closer. The doe went by at about 12 yards, I pull my bow an when the buck came by I let the arrow fly, it was a good hit. He went about 200 yards all down hill. The buck green scored 175 and had 16 points. He is truly the buck of a life time. He has the largest rack I've taken in 42 years of hunting.


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Wow, that's one fantastic buck!  That unit has some nice deer, both whitetails and mule deer.  I hope you are having him mounted.  Maybe you can enter him in the Bighorn Show in Spokane.  They will do an official scoring for you as well as show it off.


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Very nice buck!!!!!

Very nice buck!!!!!

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Very niceĀ  washington buck,

Very nice  washington buck, thanx for sharing

Awsome trophy, better late

Awsome trophy, better late than never.