11x8 Alberta Non-Typical Whitetail Trophy

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I saw this deer last year, but was unable to get a shot away due to this buck's superior sixth sense, even with the wind in my favor he was able to sense my presence. I had seen this buck get down on his knees and crawl thru a pinch point that had minimal amounts of cover. I nicknamed him the grey ghost cause of his grey coat and superior vanishing and appearing tricks. One minute there he was busted no where to go and the next voosh gone disappearing into nothing. I tried with my bow early and to no avail. From Nov 4, 2008 the first time I seen him to Nov 23, 2008 the day I finally out smarted him, I saw this buck on 6 different outings each time in a differant spot and each time alone. It seemed wherever I set up he was just a step ahead or behind me.

The morning of the 23rd I set out to my area and the wind was not in my favor so I headed to blind #2 which was set up on a pine ridge that funneled down to pinch point that harbored stubble fields on both sides. I had seen the buck use the ridge and pinch point to enter the fields or I seen him come from the total opposite side of the section. So I arrived at my blind in the dark, wind was howling about 30 to 40 km hour, but it was one of those days were everything felt good. As soon as the eastern horizion was starting to glow I could see some deer moving thru the pinch point and start funneling into the stubble field.

A nice 150 class buck was in the group tempting but I waited and waited and waited, finally around 11:30 the wind was shifting enough that I had to move blinds. It was 12:00 high noon and I was 50 yards away from my new blind wind in my face and I looked up and there he was staring right at me at 80 yards. The gig was up, I was busted clean out in the open. I was frozen for what seemed like 10 mins but actually was 45 seconds in real time. I slowly chambered a round into the 300 Remington ultra mag. The big whitey ear's started to twitch and I knew he was about to do what he did best, disappear. I brought the gun up slowly, as soon as I put the cross hairs on him he was gone like lighting. I had seen an opening where he had to come thru and waited, soon as I seen him come thru I squeezed and click. I never brought the bolt back far enough to grab the shell, as I injected a round in I saw him hit the breaks skylined on a rolling hill about 155 yards. I held on him and squeezed, nothing, in the frantic motions of injecting a shell I bumped the safety, it was on. Safety off I held right behind the shoulder and to my amazement the 300 barked and whack the sound of a solid hit the deer dropped right in his tracks. I could see his rack sticking out of the stubble on the skyline, what a sight. I knew the deer had points but never knew for sure. I always thought he was an 8x6 but when I got up to him my jaw dropped and I started counting, he turned out to be an 11x8 non typical scoring 177 B&C, buck of a life time!


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OOOOOOO!!! Canada!!!!!!!

That's what I sing every time I see one of those huge Canada bucks. Nice job on the buck. Way to hold out and wait for the big one. I have 15-18 clients every year here in Kansas and it's hard to keep them from shooting the first thing they see.

Great Job.

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Awecome buck!!!!! Great

Awecome buck!!!!! Great story!!!!!

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WOW!!! Thats one heck of a

WOW!!! Thats one heck of a deer.