10 Yard Buck

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I had watched him all during bow season, but he would never present me with a good shot. Then once shotgun opened I hadn't seen him at all until the 25th of November but I was uncomfortable with the shot distance, so I decided to wait another day and hope that I saw him again.

When I did see him again it was the last day of shotgun season, Sunday, November 30 at 7:15 when he stepped out of a Cedar thicket within 20 yards of me to my right and since he was going to walk right in front of me, I just let him walk to within 10 yards of the front of my gun barrel and took my biggest deer ever.

He was a 10 point buck, weighing 165 lbs. He was a 12 point at one time, but had broken off two tips on his G2's. But regardless, I'm happy with him just the way he is! This hunt meant the most to me, since I had done all the scouting myself and picked my stand placement, which I ended up moving the 3rd week of bowseason.


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Awesome buck!!!!! Too bad you

Awesome buck!!!!! Too bad you didn't get him with your bow.

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great job, good looking buck

great job, good looking buck

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Now thats getting close!