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Monday - October 12, 2015


While scouting for deer sign before the start of the season in Wisconsin, Matthew Nellessen found himself face to face with a trio of hungry wolves and, according to reports, was forced to take action.

Monday - April 30, 2012

wolfWyoming and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials had agreed that the comment period would end in January for the delisting of the wolves in Wyoming. After some recent moves by the Wyoming legislature and the Game and Fish Commission to ratify the plan the U.S.

Tuesday - April 17, 2012

Ohio's wild animal sanctuaries are in the news again. Last year Terry Thompson released all the exotic animals at his private zoo, and then committed suicide and most of the animals had to be shot. This time the deaths have been 17 wolf-hybrids.

Joanna Trejo, owner of the sanctuary, Wolfsong Ranch near Lore City, says that what has happened is really bad, a nightmare. But it is unsure as to where the truth lies. Neighbors of the ranch, Larry and Trenda Bethel, heard that the wolves were left without food or water, other neighbors told them the owners would be back soon. Days turned into weeks. Larry Bethel went to check on the wolves and was amazed at their condition. The wolves were left without food or water.

Thursday - April 12, 2012

If everything goes as planned, the wolf will be delisted in Wyoming this fall, except inside Yellowstone National Park. That means it will be up to the state of Wyoming to manage the population at sustainable levels. If the wolf population gets reduced too much, the wolves will be placed back on the endangered species list - under federal control.

Friday - April 6, 2012

Idaho wolf hunters harvested 373 wolves this season, for the second wolf season after years of controversy. Idaho recently took back the authority to manage the wolf population in their state, and to try and cull the numbers down to more manageable levels, they were pretty lenient in their allowances. Hunters could take 2 wolves per calendar year, they could use calls, they could use traps, but with 43,000 tags sold, only about 1% were successful.

Tuesday - March 27, 2012

Seven people were attacked by a wolf, maybe multiple wolves, in the Shandong province of China. Two of the people have died from the attacks. One wolf was killed, and then another one was captured. When a local man, Wang, saw a picture of the "wolf" he said he knew right away it was his husky dog, Lady. He said the dog had disappeared, but he very much wants his pet back.

Saturday - March 17, 2012

Mary Favorite lives on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Minnesota. Mary is part of the wolf clan and an elder on the Reservation. When she found out the wolves were no longer federally protected and that Minnesota was planning a hunting season for them, it broke her heart.

Thursday - March 8, 2012

Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming signed a bill Wednesday which would end federal protection of the wolves in Wyoming. The law will allow trophy hunting of the wolves that are predators. There will be a flexible area around the outside of Yellowstone National Park where trophy hunting can take place starting this fall. For the rest of the state wolves will be classified as predators and can be shot on sight.

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