Muzzleloader Gear Reviews

Knight 50 KP1 Review
In the last 20 years or so there have been a lot of changes in muzzleloading rifles. They took the cap and ball types and put the primer inside the barrel, as opposed to the conventional nipple on the outside. The new inlines shoot more streamlined projectiles at higher velocities and are accurate at longer ranges. It takes the muzzleloader from a 100 yard gun to a 300 yarder. For this review we will take a look at the Knight KP1 inline muzzleloader.
Primos Double Bull Dark Horse Ground Blind Review
When Double Bull Archery introduced their T5 blind in 2002, I cringed at the $500 price tag but eventually bit the bullet and shelled out the money to purchase one. Most blinds on the market at the time were noisy, shiny and cheaply made. The T5 seemed to take a different approach and answered the desires of hunters willing to pay for a quality product that would perform well. Since then, I have put my T5 through a variety of punishing hunting situations and weather conditions that would have left most blinds in a heap of shredded material and bent rods but the T5 still looks almost as good as the day I got it and has performed flawlessly.
Muzzleloader Sabot & Bullet Combos That Don't Come Packaged
Finding that just right combination of a specific powder...charge...sabot...bullet... and the primer used for ignition that shoots the absolute best from one of today's hot modern in-line ignition rifles can take a great deal of experimenting. This is especially true for the shooter who is looking to achieve top end velocity with great accuracy and tremendous big game knockdown power.
T/C Triumph Bone Collector Muzzleloader Review
Mike Waddell says Thompson Center's new .50 Cal. Triumph Bone Collector is, "the baddest muzzleloader in the land!" I've gotta say, when I hear claims like this, I have to see for myself what all the fuss is about. So I picked one up and headed to the range. It's no secret, New Hampshire-based Thompson/Center Arms has taken the firearms market by storm in recent years. Born in 1965, T/C has been around for over four decades and, many believe they now make some of the finest firearms in the world today.
Blackhorn 209 Review
Recently I was given a sample of a new muzzleloading propellant, Blackhorn 209 to test out. According to the label it is meant for modern muzzleloaders using a 209 shotgun primer, hence its name. One thing I found out right off, is its low density as the kernels are hollow. It comes in a conventional 1 pound can but contains only 10 ounces of powder. You could say it is the black powder equivalent of Trail Boss. The powder is black and looks like an extruded powder such as 4895.
Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder Review
A new trend in rangefinder technology is to include a ballistic calculator while ranging on an angle. For 2008, Bushnell has updated two of its rangefinders with an inclinometer, the Scout 1000 and the Elite 1500. Bushnell is calling its new technology Angle Range Compensation or ARC for short. For this article we decided to test the Scout 1000 with ARC technology.
Nikon 550 Laser Rangefinder Review
For 2008, the Nikon 440 Rangefinder has been split into three different variations: Prostaff/Realtree 550, RifleHunter 550 with ID, and the Archer's Choice with ID. Of the three variations, the base 550 Prostaff and Realtree models are most similar to the original 440 and retails at the same price ~$200.00 (Prostaff) and $220.00 (Realtree). The RifleHunter 550 (~$300) is identical to the base model but includes new Incline/Decline (ID) Technology which is Nikon's attempt at integrating ballistic ranging into their rangefinder line.
Thompson Center's Encore Pro Hunter Review
If you follow the firearms market, then you're likely aware that Thompson Center Arms (TC) has earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality accurate guns. Perhaps best known for their black powder rifles, they also produce centerfire, rimfire and rifled shotgun barrels.
Swarovski Z6 Rifle Scope Review
The name Swarovski is synonymous with quality. A company that has worked diligently to earn its reputation in producing the finest optics in the world launched its new Z6 rifle scopes in 2007. Spectacular in every aspect, they offer a unique range in magnification and field of view, unparalleled clarity, and increased eye relief.