Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Pack Review

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Let's face it - today's hunters carry more "stuff." From binoculars to spotting scopes, rangefinders to GPSs, extra clothes, food and drink, and calls for every occasion. In order to keep all this gear organized and still easily accessible, every hunter needs a good backpack. While some of us can get everything we need into just a small daypack, others of us need something with a little more storage room. If you're like me and fit into the latter category, then you may want to give Fieldline's Glenwood Canyon internal frame backpack a look.

As with many of the hunting items I purchase, price was a big factor in choosing a pack for the hunting season. At well under $50, there are very few packs on the market with so many features for so little cost. While it's not a pack I would have chosen for a week of elk hunting in the Colorado backcounty, it's perfect for one or two day deer hunting trips that are more typical of my hunting season, especially if you are packing video equipment to the field.

The Glenwood Canyon pack from Fieldline is roomy pack, with
numerous pockets for storing all your favorite hunting gear.

Now let's take a look at some of the "pros" and "cons" of this Fieldline pack and see if it suits your hunting needs.

The Glenwood Canyon internal frame backpack has an impressive 3,325 cubic inches of storage space divided among its large main compartment and four additional zippered pockets. This gives a hunter plenty of room to pack all the gear he or she should need for a day long, or even multi-day excursion, and allows for easy access to the various areas of the pack.

The top pocket is perfect for storing small gear that you
want to keep easily accessible, like your wallet, GPS or cell phone.

Once the pack is loaded, then your gear can be safely secured with the four compression straps included on the pack. And to keep it all comfortable, the pack includes padded shoulder straps with adjustable chest straps for a firm fit and a cool mesh padded back to reduce sweating when hunting in warmer weather. An additional feature of the Glenwood Canyon pack is that the pack is hydration compatible, although the bladder is not included. And no pack would be complete without a choice of Mossy Oak Breakup or Realtree All Purpose camouflage!

The Fieldline pack has padded shoulder straps with
adjustable chest straps for all-day comfort.

While the large size of the Glenwood Canyon pack is convenient for storing all of your hunting gear, it's almost too big for just a typical morning or afternoon deer hunt, especially during the early season. The extra space becomes more important in the late season, when it can be used to pack extra layers of clothes.

Probably my biggest complaint with the pack is the stiff, somewhat noisy interior liner material. Considering the cost, however, this is not a major issue for the purpose for which I use the pack. While I would love to see a softer, goretex lined material, I realize that such a feature would drive the price up drastically.

My final concern with the Fieldline pack is its long-term durability. While my previous Fieldline pack (different model) has survived 7 seasons and multiple states without excessive wear, the Glenwood Canyon pack that I bought last year already has a shoulder strap coming unsown. I take partial responsibility for this, as I generally slip the pack on without letting any slack out of the shoulder straps, which can put a lot of stress on the straps. I am hoping that this may have just been a fluke and actually purchased a new Glenwood Canyon pack for my 2008 Wyoming antelope trip and subsequent Kentucky deer season. Only time will tell if the Glenwood Canyon will live up to the expectations that I developed from my original Fieldline pack.

Overall, the Glenwood Canyon is a spacious, well laid out pack for the money. While it may be a little big for a typical "daypack", it is perfect for the late season hunter needing to pack some additional layers of clothing, or for hunters like myself, that have started packing along video gear to capture footage of the hunt. So, if you are looking for a roomy, well designed pack at a very affordable price, you may want to consider the Glenwood Canyon, and you may just end up packing out a hefty load of meat this season.

The two side compartments are just the right size for stowing
away a snack, a drink, or your favorite hunting call.

The vertically aligned front pocket is the perfect place to
store that fixed blade knife, pruning saw, or bow hanger.

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Brian Grossman is a wildlife biologist, freelance writer and avid outdoorsman from Mt. Washington, Kentucky. You can visit his web site at

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