Archery Gear Reviews

Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Compound Bow Review

For 2012 Hoyt continues to update their carbon bow lineup with the Carbon Element and Carbon Matrix. For this review we'll be taking a look at the new Carbon Element RKT and what you should consider if you're thinking about taking the plunge on Hoyt's new premium bow.

Since Hoyt's 2010 introduction of the Carbon Matrix, the idea of using carbon fiber in a riser design has taken the archery world by storm.

Hoyt Vector 32 Compound Bow Review

Over the last few years Hoyt has garnered a lot of attention with their lightweight carbon bows. However Hoyt is still innovating when it comes to aluminum riser based bows as well. For 2012, Hoyt has released a new flagship aluminum riser bow called the Vector. For this review we'll be specifically looking at the Vector 32, which the name implies is a 32" axle-to-axle (ATA) bow.

Bear Archery Outbreak Bow Review

Perhaps one of the most interesting additions to the 2012 Bear Archery lineup of bows is the new Outbreak compound bow. For this review we'll be taking a look at the new Bear Archery Outbreak, which is a highly diversified bow that can fit a variety of different compound bow shooters.

Like the Mission Craze, the Outbreak doesn't fit into the standard categories of adult or youth bow or really any category at all. The Outbreak is adjustable from a 16" to 30" draw length and a draw weight range of 15 lbs all the way up to 70 lbs!

Bear Archery Anarchy Bow Review

For 2012, Bear Archery has released several new bows that we will be taking a look at over the next few months. For this upcoming year the Carnage, which we reviewed favorably before, is being supplanted by a new flagship bow that Bear has dubbed the Anarchy. The Anarchy shares some features in common with the Carnage but departs in some technology that is new for Bear this year. The riser design is similar to the Carnage although Bear has spent more time rounding out the holes in the riser and contouring it a bit more for 2012. The net result is that the Anarchy comes in about 5% lighter than the Carnage at 3.8 lbs, while maintaining a forgiving 7.25" brace height.

G5 Quest Primal Bow Review
Previously we looked at G5's Prime Centroid bow with favorable results. G5 is also the maker of the Quest brand of bows which has been gaining attention over the last few years with their lineup of compound bows. For this review we'll be taking a closer look at Quest's top-of-the-line Primal bow.
LimbSaver Proton Bow Review

The number of new bow manufacturers in the market has grown substantially over the last decade and an archer today has more bow choices than ever before. One of the new manufacturers in the market is LimbSaver, produced by Sims Vibration Laboratory (SVL). LimbSaver has been producing a few bows over the last few years and their new Proton has been getting more interest in the last year. We decided to take a closer look at the Proton and see what LimbSaver is up to.

G5 Prime Centroid Bow Review

At just a little over ten years in the industry, G5 has carved out a respectable corner of the archery market. From broadheads, to sights, to rests, to the Quest line of bows G5 produces a variety of products for today's archery. For 2011 G5 is introducing a premium line of bows under the Prime brand. Currently there are two bows under the Prime line: the Centroid and the Shift. For this review we will be taking a closer look at the Centroid.

Bear Archery Charge Ready-to-Hunt (RTH) Bow Review
While Bear Archery got its start with traditional bows, today the company has expanded to compound bows offering a variety of modern configurations. For this review we are going to be taking a look at the Bear Charge in what they call a Ready-To-Hunt (RTH) package. The idea behind RTH is that the bow should be as close as possible to having everything you need to hit the field and start practicing. A packaged bow that comes with a variety of accessories used to be unheard of years ago, but over the last 7-10 years has become steadily more popular, especially with those just getting into bow hunting.
Browning Barracuda Review
When I first started bowfishing, I ignored the advice of experienced bowfishermen who suggested that I use a bow dedicated for that purpose. Instead, I chose to use my treasured high-dollar deer hunting bow. I quickly realized the error in my decision after only one bowfishing trip filled with many tense moments of watching my Mathews being subjected to very wet conditions, several hard clashes with the bottom of the boat as we bounced across the lake and a couple of dry fires as the heavy fiberglass arrow pulled itself loose from the string during the draw. As soon as I returned, I focused my attention on finding a bow that was designed for bowfishing. I knew I wanted something that was short, had the power of a compound and the quickness of a recurve and could take the abuse of an all night bowfishing trip. The Browning Barracuda seemed to fit the criteria.
Rhino Labs Evolution XP1 Blind Review
My expectations were simple enough - I needed a blind with plenty of room, plenty of shooting windows, made from a durable fabric, at an affordable price. That wasn't asking too much, was it? In all honesty, I was really looking hard at the Primos Double Bull Dark Horse, but I just couldn't get past the $400+ price tag. That's when, while walking the aisles at the NWTF National Convention, I came across a brand new blind by Rhino Laboratories called the Evolution XP-1. Note: This review includes a video, let us know what you think!
Primos Double Bull Dark Horse Ground Blind Review
When Double Bull Archery introduced their T5 blind in 2002, I cringed at the $500 price tag but eventually bit the bullet and shelled out the money to purchase one. Most blinds on the market at the time were noisy, shiny and cheaply made. The T5 seemed to take a different approach and answered the desires of hunters willing to pay for a quality product that would perform well. Since then, I have put my T5 through a variety of punishing hunting situations and weather conditions that would have left most blinds in a heap of shredded material and bent rods but the T5 still looks almost as good as the day I got it and has performed flawlessly.
ShadowShield Predator Blind Review
I began hunting in the 1980's and camouflage choices basically consisted of military camo or the original Treebark® pattern. Although both helped in certain situations, I spent many hours in the woods thinking about how to hide better. The trees, the forest floor and the brush piles all had their own unique colors. The idea of having to be right next to a tree to blend in was too limiting. Recently I was introduced to The ShadowShield, a line of portable, mirrored blinds. I was excited to find out if it worked as good as it sounded.
Hoyt AlphaMax 32 and 35 Review
Hoyt is calling the new 2009 AlphaMax "The Bow That Smokes Them All." From our review it definitely looks like the AlphaMax is a complete from bottom up redesign, with the first new riser system since the Trykon debuted in 2006, and the first new limb design since XT ¾ limbs came out in the early part of this decade.
Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder Review
A new trend in rangefinder technology is to include a ballistic calculator while ranging on an angle. For 2008, Bushnell has updated two of its rangefinders with an inclinometer, the Scout 1000 and the Elite 1500. Bushnell is calling its new technology Angle Range Compensation or ARC for short. For this article we decided to test the Scout 1000 with ARC technology.
Cabela's Full Draw 2 Blind Review
Over the last ten years, probably no product has changed the way we hunt more than the portable ground blind. Originally adopted by turkey hunters, today's blinds are quickly gaining popularity with deer hunters, as they become larger, quieter, and are proving to be extremely effective. This rise in popularity has resulted in numerous manufacturers jumping on board and producing their own line of portable blinds. These blinds range widely in their features, as well as their prices, and choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. If you are looking for a decent blind at an affordable cost, then you may want to take a look at the line of blinds sold under the Cabela's label.
2009 Hoyt SuperHawk Review
For 2009 Hoyt has released two new Hawk series bows, the PowerHawk and the SuperHawk which we will cover in this review. The SuperHawk is an upgraded version of the PowerHawk and has a suggested retail of $599. The SuperHawk has a number of similarities with the PowerHawk and we recommend that you read our PowerHawk review before continuing on with this review.
2009 Hoyt PowerHawk Review
Hoyt bows are known for their high quality and long service life. However that quality comes at a price with some of Hoyt's fastest bows pushing the price into the high $800 range. It is safe to say that many bowhunters would appreciate the Hoyt quality at a more affordable price level. To address this issue, Hoyt has released two new bows for 2009 in the Hawk Series called the PowerHawk and SuperHawk. For this review we will cover the PowerHawk which has a suggested retail of $499 and offers the most value potential because of its reduced price. We will be covering the SuperHawk (MSRP $599) in a separate review shortly.
Leica Rangemaster 1200 CRF Laser Rangefinder Review
Over the course of the last few months we have covered a variety of rangefinders. For this review we decided to take a look at Leica's laser rangefinder offerings. Leica's current rangefinders have been on the market for about two years, but their compact rangefinder (CRF) offerings are still relevant and current. The Rangemaster CRF is manufactured in two variations; the 900 and the 1200. The 900 ranges to approximately 900 yards, while the 1200 ranges to roughly 1200 yards. For this review, we will take a closer look at the 1200 Rangemaster.
Tru-Fire 360 Release Review
Bowhunting is rarely easy. The archer has to locate their quarry, get within range and then make the shot under whatever circumstances exist. Those practicing this art embrace the challenge, but we don't want to set ourselves up for failure, either. Equipment that adapts to personal preference or helps overcome a difficult situation is a big plus. Tru-Fire's 360° Release is precisely that kind of gear. This review focuses on the "360 Buckle Foldback," short body design in camo colors.
Brunton Laser Echo Rangefinder Review
It's no secret that, in the last few years, electronics have come down in price and improved in quality. These days, consumers expect and generally get much better performance with far less sticker shock. Hunters have benefited too. The Brunton Laser Echo Rangerfinder CAMO is one example of a high-tech hunting tool that is now easily attainable by budget-conscious hunters.