2009 Hoyt SuperHawk Review

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For 2009 Hoyt has released two new Hawk series bows, the PowerHawk and the SuperHawk which we will cover in this review. The SuperHawk is an upgraded version of the PowerHawk and has a suggested retail of $599. The SuperHawk has a number of similarities with the PowerHawk and we recommend that you read our PowerHawk review before continuing on with this review.

SuperHawk on the right and PowerHawk on the left.

The SuperHawk uses the M4 Cam and Half and is adjustable for a 25.5-30 inch draw. The SuperHawk is also available in two adjustable weight variations, 50-60 lbs and 60-70 lbs, and is available in left or right hand models. Axle-toAxle distance comes in at 32 inches which makes this a release only bow. The SuperHawk has a slightly
longer brace height at 7.5 inches as opposed to the 7 inches of the PowerHawk.

The SuperHawk limbs (on top) are more swept back giving a slightly shorter overall length than the PowerHawk.

The SuperHawk and PowerHawk use identical riser designs.

The biggest advantage the SuperHawk brings to the table is its XT 500 laminated limbs. These limbs are produced by Hoyt and are the same or similar to the limbs used on its higher end offerings such as the Katera. Laminated limbs have several advantages over the standard fiberglass limbs used on the PowerHawk.

Side by side view of the SuperHawk and PowerHawk limbs.

Another side by side view of the limbs.

The XT 500 limbs are slightly lighter although the weight difference is almost negligible since the SuperHawk weighs the same as the PowerHawk at 4.1 lbs. Frankly you probably don't need to get any lighter than 4 lbs anyway, since its nearly the lightest bow in Hoyt's lineup as is.

The laminated limbs are more durable and the layering should make the limbs more resilient to stress along the length of the limbs. This translates into a longer lasting bow.

The XT 500 laminated limbs are thinner than the fiberglass limbs on the PowerHawk (background).

Laminated limbs tend to be quieter and smoother when shooting. In our testing the SuperHawk did sound a little quieter than the PowerHawk, although the difference is not large. The PowerHawk tends to shoot more like the Reflex its based on, while the SuperHawk is a little smoother and quieter similar to higher end Hoyt bows.

Finally laminated limbs tend to get more speed out of the same cam and riser design. This hold true for the SuperHawk which has a rated IBO speed of 306 fps which is about 3 fps faster than the PowerHawk.

The SuperHawk like the PowerHawk also uses the Reflex Prolink to lock the limbs to the riser. As we noted in the previous review, the Prolink is a solid limb pocket design and it does not deviate on the SuperHawk.

The Hawk series bows both use the same Prolink limb pocket system.

As we mentioned in the PowerHawk review, the Hawk series is a worthwhile value priced Hoyt. However this leaves open the question of which bow to get if you're considering either the SuperHawk or the PowerHawk. If speed and a marginal increase in quietness is not important to you, go for the PowerHawk. On the other hand, if you want the increase in speed and believe you might use the bow for five or more years, go for the SuperHawk. The XT 500 laminated limbs should last longer and offer a bit more speed.

The SuperHawk (foreground) uses the same M4 Cam and Half as the PowerHawk (background).

For more information about SuperHawk bows visit Hoyt.


numbnutz's picture

Another great product review.

Another great product review. Hoyt is a leader in the bow industry and I haven't heard a bad review of any of there recent bows. In fact I'm looking into a new Hoyt Rampage. The Hawk series has been a great line for hoyt. I have a few friends with the super hawk and also a friend with the turbo hawk. Every bow I have held and shot from Hoyt has felt great. It's hard to find these bows now as I haven't been able to find anything but used bows in the Hawk series with all their newer bows out there. If you can find a good used one I'd recommend it for anyone. Thanks for the review.

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