Latest Hunting News

Assistance for Disabled Hunters
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has signed an agreement with the Wheelin' Sportsmen of the National Wild Turkey Federation to cooperate in providing enhanced recreation opportunities for people with disabilities in Illinois, IDNR Director Brent Manning announced today.
2001 Firearm Antelope Season
The Game, Fish and Parks Commission recently finalized the 2001 firearms antelope season for Oct. 6-14. An increased number of tags will be available, with an additional 8 percent for nonresidents.
Special October Deer Hunt Applications Available
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green Bank, West Virginia, has announced that applications are now available and are being accepted for the special October controlled deer hunt at the NRAO site. This controlled hunt is organized and planned in cooperation with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR).
Increased License Fees Proposed
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is faced with a tough decision. The costs for maintaining important wildlife and fishing programs are beginning to outpace the revenue coming in to pay for the programs. To keep up with the cost of providing fish and wildlife services, the DNR is proposing an increase in license fees that would be implemented in 2002. Resident hunting, fishing and trapping license fees were last raised in 1988.
Reward Offered for Elk Poaching Information
In October 2000 a record sized elk was killed illegally in Grove Township. A task force has been convened to investigate the killing and a reward is offered to anybody who has evidence that would lead to the arrest of the killer. The elk was believed to be the largest in the Pennsylvania herd and was featured in a Game Commission video.
Bragging Elk Poacher Busted
A Wyoming man, Brion T. Domman, was fined $5000 and had his hunting/fishing rights revoked for 5 years after poaching a trophy elk. The break in the case came when Domman bragged about the kill to a University of Wyoming student. The student later reported the incident to the Fish and Game department.
Abandoned Baby Deer
Each year, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries receives dozens of calls from concerned citizens who have found "abandoned" baby deer. With the best of intentions, these concerned citizens pick up the baby deer and take them home. They then call LDWF to retrieve them.
Black Bear Population Study
A new scientific survey of Maryland's black bear population from Cumberland to the western border of the state has resulted in a population estimate of 227 bears. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologists estimate the population east of Cumberland to be about 100 bears.
Conservation Department Seeks Sick Deer Reports
Missouri is making an effort to monitor Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in their deer herds. Hunters can help out be reporting sightings of listless or sickly deer. Although there is no evidence that CWD can be transmitted to pets or humans, citizens are advised to not handle a sick animal.
Firearm Antelope Hunting Season Proposed
Resident and nonresident firearms antelope licenses have been proposed for South Dakota's 2001 antelope season. The season would be open Oct. 6-14, with 4,275 resident licenses available. An additional 8 percent would be made available to nonresidents.