Latest Hunting News

New Cougar Hunting Rules
It's likely that hunters will take fewer cougars during Utah's 2001 - 2002 cougar season. At its meeting Aug. 16 in Salt Lake City, the Utah Wildlife Board approved slight reductions in the number of hunters who may hunt on the state's limited entry hunt areas, and the number of cougars hunters may take on the state's harvest objective areas.
Anterless Deer Permits Drawn
Results of the 2001 annual drawing for antlerless deer permits in Massachusetts' fifteen Deer Management Zones (DMZ) are can be viewed when you click here.
Moose Population Survey
This April, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) conducted an aerial survey for moose in the Moosehead Lake area. Moose densities east of Moosehead Lake were determined to be at least 1.3 moose per square mile.
Treestand Safety
As hunting season begins, hunters will head to the outdoors for what they hope will be a rewarding and safe experience. Many deer hunters will choose to hunt from elevated treestands. When using a treestand, hunters should take the necessary precautions to avoid a fall.
Annual Bison Bull Hunt
Bison hunters interested in Custer State Park's Nov. 26 through Jan. 11 annual bison bull hunt must have their applications postmarked on or before Sept. 4
Archery Hunting and Safety Tips
By following a few, simple rules, Utah's archery hunters can enjoy a safe experience in the state's backcountry this season. The state's general archery buck deer hunt begins Aug. 18, while the state's general archery elk hunt kicks off Aug. 23.
Five Year Hunting License Bonus Package
Hunting equipment and supply companies, eager to bring their products to the attention of Florida's sportsmen, are offering free samples, subscriptions, premiums, magazines and coupons to everyone who buys a five-year hunting license or lifetime hunting license between Aug. 1 and Oct. 31.
Surplus Black Bear Licenses Available
Beginning at noon on Aug. 6, bear hunter applicants who did not receive authorization to purchase a 2001 bear license for a specific permit area can purchase a surplus bear license in four under-subscribed permit areas. These extra or surplus licenses are available on a first-come, first-served basis at any of the 1,700 statewide Electronic Licensing System point-of-sale vendors or the Department of Natural Resource (DNR) License Center at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul.
Bighorn Herds Expanding
Bighorn sheep herds in the Pine Ridge and Wildcat Hills in the Nebraska Panhandle have added to their numbers with the birth of lambs this spring and early summer, according to Gary Schlichtemeier, district wildlife manager at the Game and Parks Commission's district office in Alliance.
Special Archery Deer Hunts
The Game and Parks Commission is offering a unique deer hunting opportunity to 40 archers interested in helping reduce the deer population on 350 acres of timber bordering the Platte River in Sarpy County.