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Deer Gun Season Questions and Answers
The 2001 deer gun season opens at noon Nov. 9. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department issued a record number of licenses, 106,350, for this fall's season, an increase of 18,000 from last year. Game and fish issued 5,150 mule deer licenses, an increase of 1,500 from 2000. Muzzle-loader permits increased from 1,694 to 2,024. The regular deer gun season runs through Nov. 25.
Governor Invites Hunters to Donate Venison
Hunters have an opportunity to provide thousands of pounds of free ground venison to the needy of Alabama. "Hunters Helping the Hungry" is a joint project between the Office of the Governor, the National Rifle Association, The Phillip Morris Company, The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation.
Black Bear Scratches Elk Hunter
An elk hunter camping on the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest was scratched by a black bear in the early morning hours of Nov. 3. The hunter's nose required several stitches when he was treated at Holy Cross Hospital in Taos.
No CWD in Elk
No evidence of Chronic Wasting Disease was found in 15 elk killed on a Class Park in southwestern New Mexico. The Department of Game and Fish killed the animals for testing because three bull elk there were imported from a facility in Colorado which has tested positive for CWD. New Mexico is still CWD free.
Desert Bighorn Sheep Festival
On Nov. 16 and 17, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will celebrate the desert bighorn sheep in Utah with a free weekend event in Moab. The timing of the event coincides with the peak of the bighorn sheep rutting season. This is an exciting time when bighorn rams battle for breeding rights.
Deer Hunters Nail Moose Poachers
Two deer hunters gave up their final evening of hunting to catch some moose poachers recently. The incident began when Steven Fitzwater and K.C. Carter of Orem heard a group of hunters shoot near their camp near Currant Creek, which is east of Strawberry Reservoir in north central Utah.
Big Bend Ranch Will Host Desert Survival Workshops
West Texas guide and naturalist David Alloway returns again this fall to the rugged high-country desert of Big Bend Ranch State Park to lead two weekend desert survival workshops.
Bighorn Returns to Greenhorn Mountains?
The Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commission (FWPC) is seeking comments from the public on reintroducing bighorn sheep to the Greenhorn Mountains. Bighorns once roamed the Greenhorn Mountains; however now only occupy the Madison Range which is roughly 30 miles away. The FWPC believes there is enough range in the Greenhorns to reintroduce the bighorn and is seeking your comments until November 30th.
Resident Whitetail Permits Available
For the 2001-02 deer seasons, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is offering a number of resident deer permits that may be purchased without going through a drawing. Applications for these permits are now available from Wildlife and Parks offices or from the agency's website,
Big Piney and Chimney Butte Hunts
Elk hunters with limited quota licenses in hunt areas 94 and 98 are eligible to sign up for the Big Piney or Chimney Butte hunter management areas and extend their hunting season for antlerless elk to Jan. 31. Only 100 permits (first come, first served) will be issued in Pinedale on November 12th from 8 AM to Noon, so arrive early if you meet the criteria.