Latest Hunting News

Deer Season is Oklahoma's Biggest Attraction
It attracts more participants than the busiest day of the Oklahoma State Fair and the Tulsa State Fair -- combined. It attracts more Oklahomans than the number of football fans attending sold out home games at Lewis Field, Owen Field, and Skelly stadium --- combined. And although it may surprise many, the state's largest single-day recreational attraction is the opening day of Oklahoma's deer gun season.
Whitetail Decoy Nets 31 Violations
The Game and Fish Department used a whitetail buck decoy during a one day operation to detect hunting violations. The decoy was setup in deer area 2 in the Black Hills near a public road. Eighteen vehicles stopped and attempted to take what they thought was a real whitetail buck. Twenty-four people shot at the decoy resulting in 31 citations and 10 warnings.
CWD Management Plans
The Division of Wildlife (DOW) has posted an article reviewing their plans for management of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in infected deer herds around the state. The article notes that within infected areas the DOW primary goal is not public hunting, but disease management. The DOW intends to meet a "one-percent or less disease prevalence" in the following areas: northern Boulder County, North/South Larimer County, Northwest of Fort Collins, and around the South Platte Drainage Basin (Logan, Sedgwick, Weld and Morgan counties).
Moose Hunt Success Rate is High
The final numbers are in from this fall's Maine moose hunt, and with 3,000 permits issued, 2,545 hunters were successful in their quest for a moose. That converts to an 84.8% success rate for the two-week split season. This was the first time for the split season, and the first time since 1990 moose hunters could hunt in September. The first week was September 24-29 and the second week was October 8-13.
Hunter Input on Hunting Regulations Sought
The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is asking hunters for their ideas and opinions on proposals being considered for next year's bird and mammal hunting regulations. Up for discussion are several proposals including additional either-sex junior hunts in many deer zones statewide, additional archery elk and buck deer hunts, an increase in the in-season closure quota for bear hunting, and several expanded bird hunts. You can voice your opinion at several public meetings throughout the state in November and December.
Free WMA Maps Available
Free updated maps of Louisiana wildlife management areas (WMA) are now available to the public electronically by visiting the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website. The maps, which can be downloaded in PDF format and printed, can be found by clicking here.
Fair Chase and Advanced Technology
The Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) has posted a notice to hunters using advanced technology while hunting. Specifically, two way radios, cell phones, motion detectors, or night vision equipment are illegal "to assist in tracking big game animals or in running them to another hunter positioned nearby". The FWP has seen an increase in the use of such technology in recent years and gives a phone number to report violations witnessed in the field. The FWP also notes that using such technology for "safety and communication" while hunting is legal.
Caution in Bear and Lion Country
The recent death of an elk hunter in western Montana has made all hunters more aware of the tragic consequences of unexpected encounters with grizzly bears and other predatory animals in the wild. The Wildlife, Fish and Parks (FWP) has a number of tips and suggestions to help you avoid contact with bears, lions, and wolves. Some of the suggestions are try to make more noise while hunting, don't hunt alone, and pay attention to signs of predators, such as tracks and scat.
Muzzloader Hunters Be Careful
The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) and Department of Forestry (DOF) are urging hunters to use extra caution while in the woods. Muzzleloading Deer Season started on Monday, November 5 east of the Blue Ridge (except on National Forest lands in Amherst, Bedford and Nelson counties) and will start west of the Blue Ridge (and on National Forest lands in Amherst, Bedford and Nelson counties) on November 12. General Firearms Deer Season is scheduled to start on Monday, November 19. Extremely dry weather conditions led Governor James S. Gilmore, III to issue an open air burning ban on October 26, which will remain in effect until existing weather conditions improve with significant rain or snow.
Primitive Deer Harvest Likely Down; Gun Outlook Better
Deer hunting across the state has been slow and biologists are reporting that although some hunters have had good success, they anticipate the rut is still ahead.