Latest Hunting News

Purple Paint Law
November and December are busy months for Kansas hunters, with deer, upland bird, and waterfowl seasons in full swing. In the past, many landowners have purchased and posted "Hunting By Written Permission Only" signs on their property, which makes it easier for local conservation officers to check hunters and quickly know whether or not the hunters have permission to hunt.
Two Wolf Shootings Confirmed
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources in investigating two separate cases of wolves shot by hunters during the opening days of the regular firearm deer hunting season.
Hundreds of Deer Donated
Hunters for the Hungry (HFTH) received 488 donated deer the first donation weekend this holiday season. This exceeds the 455 donated last year over a two weekend time period. HFTH is extremely pleased with the record turn out thus far.
Teens Confess to Deer Poaching
Two Clarke County men pleaded guilty on Nov. 8, to using a rifle to kill four buck deer, removing the heads and leaving the remains in the field in Lucas and Clarke counties.
Low Harvest May Mean More Elk Licenses Next Year
Warm and dry conditions hampered hunter's success and wildlife officials are estimating that the total 2001 elk harvest could be one of the lowest in 10 years. Last year, hunters took 60,120 elk and this year the harvest is expected to drop to about 40,000 animals. Due to the low harvest, the state is considering increasing the number of antlerless elk licenses available in 2002. Deer license volumes are not expected to change in 2002.
How Much Did Your Deer Weigh?
The Wildlife Resources Agency has posted a chart for estimating the whole body weight of a whitetail deer from its dressed weight. From the charts numbers, it appears that a dressed whitetail loses roughly 21% of its whole weight. Check out the chart if you were not able to weigh your whitetail before dressing.
Academy To Host Big Game Awards Deer Scoring Day
Any hunter who has harvested a white-tailed deer, mule deer, or pronghorn antelope during the current (2001-2002) hunting season can get the antlers scored by a certified Texas Big Game Awards scorer at selected Academy Sports and Outdoors on Dec. 15 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Ontario To Legally Recognize Recreational Hunting and Fishing
The Ontario government is introducing legislation that, if passed, would recognize recreational hunting and fishing as part of the province's heritage. The Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act would fulfill the government's commitment to anglers and hunters across the province to legislate the right to hunt and fish in Ontario.
Report Elk Sightings
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources asks the public to report all elk sightings during November, December and January. The range of elk and their distribution within the range has changed over time, and updated information is needed for planning a population survey.
Deer Firearms Season to Open Soon
Maryland's 2001-2002 Deer Firearms Season opens Nov. 24 for white-tailed deer and sika deer. Over 69,400 hunters participated in last year?s firearms deer season, and each spent an average of 5.5 days hunting white-tailed deer and sika deer.