Latest Hunting News

Mountain Lion Sighting
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has confirmed the sighting of a mountain lion in Brown County on December 1.
Deer Gun Season Harvest Increases Three Percent
Hunters harvested 99,599 deer during Ohio's deer gun season. This year's deer gun season began and ended with excellent weather, although heavy rains during the middle of the season kept hunting to a minimum. Regulations this year allowed hunters to take a second deer in 37 counties. The preliminary deer harvest figure of 99,599 last week was slightly below the preseason predictions of about 105,000.
Big Time Texas Hunts Winners Announced
Thirty-six winners have been drawn for premium hunt packages in this year's Big Time Texas Hunts (BTTH). As of the Nov. 4 deadline, Texas Parks and Wildlife received some 82,486 entries for a total of $824,860 in sales. Proceeds from BTTH are earmarked to provide additional public hunting opportunities and wildlife conservation activities in Texas. The web site lists winners by the BTTH drawing type
Archery Deer Hunting Season May Set Record
Preliminary archery deer season figures, compiled by MassWildlife's five district offices, suggest a new record may be on the horizon. A preliminary total of 2,886 deer were checked by official stations across the state, ahead of the 2,811 record-setting total established in 2000. By regional Wildlife District, the tally is as follows: Western 320, Valley 442, Central 567, Northeast 522, and Southeast 1,035. Final figures for the archery, shotgun and primitive firearms deer seasons will be generated in late winter or early spring after all deer kill report cards have been entered into the deer database and analyzed.
Muzzleloading Firearms Regulations
The Massachusetts Primitive Firearms deer season will run from December 10 through 15 statewide. Regulatory changes for the 2001 Primitive season made by the Fisheries and Wildlife Board at their August meeting include allowing the use of sabot rounds regardless of composition as well as jacketed and belted projectiles. The Board also approved the use of telescopic sights, with the exception of laser sights or any other sights which project a beam. Closed, in-line ignitions, including those using shotgun (209) primers were also sanctioned.
Dispelling Myths About Hunting
If you don't hunt, you might wonder what's so appealing about this activity. Why, for example, would anyone sit for hours in a chilly duck blind? Or trudge mile after mile through soggy cattail sloughs? And what's the thrill in trying to kill an animal, anyway? If hunters want to be outdoors and see animals, can't they just watch wildlife without shooting them?
Man Charged For Outfitting Without License
A Denver man was charged with a felony for outfitting without a license in the Milk Creek Drainage west of Sleepy Cat Peak in Rio Blanco County. Division of Wildlife officers discovered the activity while posing as hunters on horseback. If convicted, the man faces a minimum of a year in jail, fines, and suspension of hunting privileges from one year to life.
Preliminary Figures: Deer Harvest Down
Preliminary data from this year's Maine deer season indicate that this year's harvest will be in the mid 20,000's, not the low 30,000's as expected. That would be a decrease of approximately 30 percent from last year, and an approximately 20 percent greater decrease than expected. Last year's deer kill was 36,885, this year, biologists expected a harvest of approximately 32,850.
Bear Gun Season Opens December 3
The states bear population remains high and a good harvest is expected; however, the harvest may not reach the record gun harvest of last season. A large number of bears are carrying radio collars, radio implants, ear tags, and lip tattoos for DNR studies. Hunters are asked to return monitoring equipment if they harvest a bear carrying the equipment.
Hunters Harvest Nearly 300,000 Deer
A preliminary call-in tally of registration stations across the state shows hunters taking 291,563 deer during the regular nine-day gun deer hunt that closed Sunday. The Department of Natural Resources wildlife managers had expected a reduced harvest from 2000, when the state had a record deer herd estimated at 1.8 million animals.