Latest Hunting News

Firearms Deer Harvest Third Highest on Record
Despite the unusually warm weather that dominated this year's deer season, the 2001 firearms deer harvest was the third highest on record, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Hunters harvested 200,100 deer statewide, an increase of 8,500 deer (4 percent) compared with the very successful 2000 season. This year's firearms deer harvest total is exceeded only by harvests in 1991 when 206,275 deer were taken and 1992 when 229,236 deer were taken during the firearms season.
Experimental Black Bear Hunt
Adding an extra week to Utah's experimental spring bear hunting season was among actions the Utah Wildlife Board took at its meeting Dec. 18 in Salt Lake City.
Big Game in Tough Shape
A second year of drought in the state is pushing big game forage to, in some places, 10% of average. The lack of forage has caused fat reserves on most animals to be well below normal prompting one wildlife manager to note "...most big game will be vulnerable to starvation this year especially if the winter is severe...". The article notes which regions of the state are hardest hit and pockets that are relatively well off.
Deer Dumping Causes Problems
With the January extension of firearms deer season approaching, it's important for hunters to know that dumping deer carcasses in streams isn't acceptable.
Desert Bighorns on the Rise
The Texas Park and Wildlife has posted an article detailing the recovery efforts of the Desert Bighorns of remote western Texas. The article notes that today's population of bighorns has recovered to the levels of 1905 after the last native animals were seen in the 1960's. The populations were recovered after reintroduction efforts from Mexico and other U.S. states between 1971 and 1997. Want to see a Desert Bighorn? Check out The Texas Bighorn Society web site.
British Columbia Illegal Wildlife Activity Sentences
Two Burns Lake men have been sentenced after one pleaded guilty to illegal guiding, and the other to trafficking in wildlife meat. The first man pleaded guilty to one count of guiding for big game without a license and to discharging a firearm from a motorboat. Both cases were opened in 1998 and investigation was concluded in 1999.
Nonresident Any-Deer Bow Licenses Available
The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will have 772 any-deer bow licenses available to nonresidents in 2002, up from 547 issued in 2001.
Bear Season Closes Early
The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) closed the bear season on December 11th, because 1,500 bears had been harvested. Under state regulations, the DFG may close bear hunting when 1,500 bear tags have been filled. Last year the season was closed on November 30th. The season can run as long as December 30th to fill the 1,500 harvest.
Preliminary Shotgun Deer Season Figures
Licensed deer hunters participating in the 2001 shotgun season brought 6014 whitetails to statewide check stations according to figures compiled by MassWildlife's regional District offices. Sportsmen and women are required to bring deer to an official check station to legally report the kill. Biologists examine roughly one half of the deer taken during shotgun season and record data including weight, sex, age and antler beam diameter. The information is entered into a database and provides insight on the condition, sex ratio and age structure of the herd as well as the quality of habitat. Check station operators tag each deer with a metal seal. Successful hunters may then have the deer processed for venison and/or mounted by a taxidermist.
Grizzly Attack Fatality Report Released
State and federal wildlife officials have released the final report on the grizzly bear attack that caused a human fatality on October 30 on the Blackfoot-Clearwater Wildlife Management Area. The report supports the conclusion that the female and two cubs destroyed at the attack site were the bears responsible for the fatality.