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Research Suggests Many West Virginia Coyotes Feed on Deer

A recent study conducted by West Virginia scientists has put forth evidence that as much as 60 percent of coyotes feed on deer. The conclusions come after a 20-month study that took samples of 969 coyotes’ stomach contents and manure samples across different regions of West Virginia.

“Badlands” Await as Pure Hunting Searches for Mule Deer Today on Sportsman Channel


Wisconsin Third Highest Coho Harvest on Record, Best Since 1982

Lake Michigan anglers in 2011 recorded the highest harvest of coho salmon in three decades and the third highest on record since the state started stocking salmon and trout in the 1960s, according to recently released results from angler surveys.

"Coho fishing for Wisconsin anglers on Lake Michigan last year was the best it's been since 1982," says Brad Eggold, Department of Natural Resources fisheries supervisor for Southern Lake Michigan. "Boaters were fishing hard for coho from April to early August and focused on these abundant and easily catchable fish."

Free Shooting at Utah's Public Ranges

Lee Kay and Cache Valley public shooting ranges host open houses

You can shoot bows and arrows and firearms for free at two public shooting ranges in May. If you don't have your own equipment, or you don't know much about shooting, no problem—free equipment and instruction will be provided each day.

Rhode Island Emergency Amendment to Rules and Regulations Governing the Importation of Animals

DEM wishes to announce an emergency amendment to Rules and Regulations Governing the Importation of Animals. This emergency amendment is necessary to protect the resident animals of the state and its citizenry from diseases associated with animals that are imported. This emergency amendment will put Rhode Island in line with our neighboring states of CT and MA.

North Dakota Game and Fish Pays $484,000 in Property Taxes

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department recently paid $484,822 in taxes to counties in which the department owns or leases land. The 2011 in-lieu-of-tax payments are the same as property taxes paid by private landowners.

The Game and Fish Department manages more than 200,000 acres for wildlife habitat and public hunting in 50 counties. The department does not own or manage any land in Traill or Renville counties.

New Hampshire New Cod Rules for Recreational Anglers Take Effect May 1, 2012

New state rules take effect on May 1, 2012, reducing the minimum length and creel limits for recreational anglers taking Atlantic cod in New Hampshire waters. The measure makes New Hampshire's rules compatible with new Federal regulations.

Under the new rules, as of May 1, 2012, the minimum size of cod that can be taken by recreational anglers is 19 inches (previously 24 inches); the minimum length of fillets that can be possessed is 12 inches (previously 14 inches); and the daily limit is 9 cod (previously 10).

Missouri Bear Awareness Extra Important in Springtime

Resource Scientist Jeff Beringer has a piece of advice for Missouri outdoors people and landowners: Be bear aware.

Beringer is the bear specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). When someone sees a bear somewhere in the Show-Me State, they call him. His phone rings more often each spring, and this year is no exception.

Indiana DNR to Monitor Bass Tournaments on 10 Lakes

The DNR will monitor bass fishing tournaments at 10 northern Indiana natural lakes this spring and summer as part of a two-year study of the effect of current fishing regulations on bass populations and fishing success.

Biologists with the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife will count and measure bass brought to weigh-ins by tournament anglers. Monitoring the tournaments provides information on bass abundance, size and health, as well as data on angler participation levels and bass catch rates. The information is used to track long-term changes in bass populations.

2012-13 Arizona Hunting and Trapping Regulations Are Available Online

Game and Fish now accepting paper applications for fall hunts; online application service to be available by early to mid-May