Yukon Hunting News

Deer Hunting Permits Offered for the First Time
Yukon hunters can now apply for one of 10 deer hunting permits and one Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary sheep hunt permit for the first time this year.
Wildlife Regulations out for Public Review
The Yukon government is encouraging public review and comment on proposed Wildlife Act regulations that will allow big game outfitters to have one guide for two hunters under certain circumstances, permit Yukon trappers to take tourists out on the trapline for a trapping experience, and increase the trap check period for quick kill traps from five to seven days.
Proposed Wildlife Act Amendments Out for Review and Comment
Environment Minister Peter Jenkins has announced today the Yukon government's proposal to move forward with Yukon Wildlife Act amendments to make the act consistent with First Nations Final Agreements and to provide for species at risk legislation that will allow for local management of species at risk.
Permit Required to Import Canadian Hunter-Harvested Game Meat
Hunters can immediately begin bringing wild ruminant meat products intended for their personal use into the United States, but will need a “Veterinary Services Special Permit for the Importation of Hunter-Harvested Wild Ruminant Meat,” along with one of the following: a valid Canadian export certificate for game meat, or a copy of a valid hunting license or a valid hunting tag.