Yukon Hunting News

Yukon Announces Rules for Bison Hunt
The Yukon government has authorized an initial harvest of 200 wood bison for this winter as part of a new adaptive management approach which is consistent with the population level prescribed by the Bison Management Plan, Environment Minister Elaine Taylor announced.
SCI Files Lawsuit to Reverse ESA Listing of Polar Bears
Safari Club International (SCI) filed a lawsuit on September 8th challenging the listing of the polar bear as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which led the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to ban imports of polar bear trophies from Canada.
Yukon Elk Management Plan in Motion
With steps in place to address winter ticks, the Yukon government will work with First Nations and stakeholders in the coming months to further pursue the objectives identified in the Elk Management Plan including a proposed limited harvest of elk in 2009.
Yukon Wildlife Act Regulations Available for Public Review
The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and Environment Yukon are encouraging the public's comments on 15 proposed Wildlife Act regulation changes for the coming year, Environment Minister Dennis Fentie announced November 7th.
Yukon Begins Consult Process Regarding Wildlife Act
Environment Minister Dennis Fentie announced that the Yukon government has started a formal process to consult with Yukon First Nations as well as the Tetlit Gwich'in and the Inuvialuit of the Mackenzie Delta on proposals to make the Wildlife Act consistent with land claims agreements.
Yukon Seeks Public Input on Elk Management
The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and the Department of Environment encourage Yukon residents to review and comment on a draft elk management strategy. Written comments on the strategy should be provided to the board by Monday, October 15.
Yukon 2007 Permit Hunt Draw Results
Yukon has posted 2007 permit hunt draw results online for bison, caribou, deer, goat, moose and sheep.
Yukon Bison Hunt Expanded
Environment Minister Dennis Fentie announced that the annual Yukon bison hunt will provide more harvesting opportunities by expanding the hunting area, lengthening the season and increasing the number of permits.
Yukon Bison Hunt Draw Separate
The Department of Environment will be administering this year's bison hunt draw separately from the moose, caribou, sheep, deer and goat permit hunt application sales that are now available until Friday, June 22.
Unique Wilderness Venture Unveiled for North Yukon
It's been over ten years in the making and just over three years in detailed planning, but officials are taking the wraps off a unique wilderness tourism bear viewing experience developed to attract travelers from around the world.