Yukon Permit Hunt Drawings Complete - Results Available

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Permit hunts are used to limit hunting for areas and/or species in order to manage overall population numbers and improve hunt quality.

Please refer to your Hunting Regulation Summary for season dates and bag limits for each species in each of Yukon's 11 Game Management Zones. You must hold a Permit Hunt Authorization (PHA) if you want to hunt moose, caribou, sheep, goat, deer or elk in a permit area.

Environment Yukon received 2,193 applications, of which 118 were joint applicants. The permit draw results are as follows:

If you have secured a PHA through this lottery but do not intend to use it, you may voluntarily return the permit by Friday, July 8. While you will not get your application fee refunded, you will have your name weighted in future draws as though you were unsuccessful in this year's draw.

As a result of the Canada Post labour dispute, the usual practice of returning the PHA to an Environment Yukon office within 10 days of date of mailing is not possible this year. Environment Yukon staff will be phoning successful applicants to find out if you intend to use your PHA.

Remember: holding a permit is not a guarantee of hunting success.


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Aint THAT the truth !

“Remember: holding a permit is not a guarantee of hunting success.” Aint THAT the truth  ! lol

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This is interesting

This is interesting information about hunting in the Yukon. Places like this are ones that I had never even realized needed an application for most of the species available to hunt. Most of my life I just thought that Canada, Alaska, and the Yukon had an unlimited supply of animals if I could ever save up the money to go after them. I was surprised that there were barely over 2,000 applicants for the necessary permit to get the tags. We have more than that here in Colorado just for the sheep or goat permits. I doubt it is a place that I will ever get the privelage to hunt as I have so many plans and so little money to get it done already but at least I now know that if I ever get the urge to go there a little more planning may be needed than I would have been ready for.

Thank you for all the updates on all the hunting opportunities this continent has to offer us.