Yukon Invites Public Comment on Regulation Changes

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The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board (YFWMB) and Environment Yukon are inviting the public to review and comment on 14 proposed Wildlife Act regulation changes for the coming year, Environment Minister Elaine Taylor announced.

The proposals have come from the Yukon Fish and Game Association, the Department of Environment, the Laberge Renewable Resources Council, the Teslin Tlingit Council, the Teslin Renewable Resources Council and a Yukon resident.

In addition to the written submission process, the board is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, December 9, at the Yukon Inn to allow any member of the public to provide their concerns or comments directly to the board members. The board will then meet to review all comments and provide its recommendations to the environment minister.

The four Environment Yukon proposals call for a permit hunt to manage the long term sustainability of the South Nahanni Caribou herd, an increase in the number of deer permits that can be issued annually, changes to the management of the elk harvest in order to respond to winter tick control and the ability to limit the number of special guide licences in any game management subzone.

The six Yukon Fish and Game Association recommendations call for combining the Finlayson caribou permit hunt dates, removing the Richardson Mountain sheep permits, allowing sheep and bison to be hunted under a Special Guide Licence, designating two deer permits for youth and allowing youth to obtain big game seals.

The Laberge Renewable Resources Council is calling for a two year moratorium on sheep hunting in the Pilot Mountain – Miners Range area and then the introduction of a sheep permit hunt system for the area. The Laberge RRC is also asking for off road vehicles to be restricted from hunting in the alpine areas of Pilot Mountain.

The Teslin Tlingit Council and the Teslin RRC want three game management subzones divided along the Nisutlin River to help monitor the moose harvest in the area.

A Yukon resident has asked the board to consider a proposal to remove the upper slot limits for Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling in order to protect the larger fish for breeding.

The information package providing details on the proposed changes, and the steps the public can take to respond before the Wednesday, December 3 deadline, will be available for pick-up from Renewable Resources Councils offices and Environment Yukon offices in the communities.

Whitehorse residents can pick up the document from the YFWMB office at 106 Main Street, the Environment Yukon office at 10 Burns Road and the Yukon government administration building on Second Avenue.

The information package can also be found on the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board www.yfwmb.ca or Environment Yukon www.environmentyukon.gov.yk.ca websites.