Yukon Bison Hunters Urged to Hunt Safely

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This year the Department of Environment has prepared a checklist for bison hunters to help them plan a safe hunt Environment Minister Elaine Taylor announced today.

“Bison hunters should wear bright orange, use good optics, be aware at all times that other hunters may be in the area and be sure of their target,” Randy Fraser, Hunter Education Coordinator, said. “A bison hunt can be challenging at the best of times thanks to winter weather and poor travel conditions.”

As of Nov. 21 the department had issued 207 seals to hunters who had taken the required bison hunting workshop.

“We urge hunters to hunt safe and hunt respectfully,” Fraser added. “We expect this year’s hunt will be much busier than in previous years since it’s possible for all members of a hunting party to have a bison seal. Up until now we’ve offered a limited entry hunt.”

The new information is posted on the Environment Yukon website and will be attached to permits issued after Nov. 28. A 1:500,000 scale map that shows the Settlement Lands (both Category A and B) that lie in the bison core range is also available.

This season's bison hunt runs until February 28, 2009, with a target harvest of 200 animals. If necessary, a registration hunt will be put in place for March. All bison hunters will be required to report their successful hunt within 72 hours of the kill.