Yukon Hunting News

Yukon's Regulation Changes Will Help Protect Sheep and Caribou Populations

The Government of Yukon has amended hunting rules under the Wildlife Regulations to better protect Dall sheep in the Kusawa area and several caribou herds, Environment Minister Currie Dixon announced today.

“These four amendments to hunting rules reflect not only the views of the public, hunters and Renewable Resources Councils but also the best available scientific and local knowledge,” Dixon said. “The government is committed to the sustainable harvest of Yukon wildlife.”

Yukon Porcupine Caribou Harvest Rules Updated

The Government of Yukon has updated its rules for harvesting Porcupine caribou for both subsistence and licenced hunters, acting Environment Minister Elaine Taylor announced.

Yukon Permit Hunt Drawings Complete - Results Available

Permit hunts are used to limit hunting for areas and/or species in order to manage overall population numbers and improve hunt quality.

Yukon Permit Elk Hunt Apps Due June 17th

Permit hunt draw application forms now available.

This year's Elk Permit Hunt will be for cows only to meet management plan objectives.

Porcupine Caribou Herd Shows Growth

Further analysis of aerial photos from the July 2009 Western Arctic Caribou Herd census has resulted in a reduced population estimate. The previous estimate of 401,000 caribou indicated an increase in the herd over the 377,000 animals identified in a 2007 census. The revised estimate of 348,000 caribou points to a continued, modest decline.

Porcupine Caribou Herd Numbers Are Up

An aerial census conducted last July by the State of Alaska, although yet to be completed, confirms in excess of 123,000 animals in the Porcupine caribou herd, significantly higher than the estimate of 90,000-100,000 that biologists have worked with for the past few years, Environment Minister John Edzerza announced..

"This is welcome news for all Yukoners," Edzerza said. "We appreciate the time and effort taken by Alaska to collect this essential information, given that efforts over the past nine years were foiled by bad weather and changed migration patterns.".

Yukon Bison Hunt Takes 6 Week Hiatus

This is the first time the Bison Permit Hunt features six-week-long mid-winter closure. Wildlife in the Bison Management Area will have a break from potential disturbance by hunters and snowmobiles during the coldest time of the year, when their energy must be conserved. The Break runs January 1st through February 14th.

Yukon FWMB Reviewing Wolf Management Plan

The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board (YFWMB) and Environment Yukon are jointly conducting a review of the territory's Wolf Conservation and Management Plan to find out what values and ecological conditions have changed since it was released in 1992.

"Through the review process, we hope interested parties will learn about the measures in place to manage Yukon wolves that recognize wolves and their prey are integral parts of Yukon ecosystems," Environment Minister John Edzerza said.

Yukon's Ts’alwnjik Chu Wetlands Protected

Ts'alwnjik Chu, a 30-kilometre-long stretch of wetland along the Nordenskiold River near Carmacks, has been formally designated a Habitat Protection Area (HPA).

"The Yukon government is pleased to honour its obligation under the Little Salmon/Carmacks Final Agreement to establish this HPA for the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat," Environment Minister John Edzerza said.

Yukon Bison Hunt Rule Changes Announced
Bison hunters will find only a few rules changed for the 2010-11 season, Environment Minister John Edzerza announced.