Youth Rabbit Hunt at Salamonie Lake, Indiana, Oct. 29

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DNR staff from Salamonie Lake and the Indiana Beaglers Alliance invite youth between ages 11 and 17 to participate in a special rabbit hunt Oct. 29 at Salamonie Lake.

The event begins at 7 a.m. at the property’s visitors center and ends at noon. A free lunch will be provided after the event.

Advance registration is required by Oct. 27. Call Jack Hyden at (574) 551-4067.

Participants must have either a valid Indiana Youth Hunting License or Apprentice License. Youth Hunting Licenses are $7 and will be available at the visitor center the morning of the hunt. Licenses are also available at

Participants are encouraged to have attended and passed a Hunter Safety Education Course. Find hunter education information at

Each youth hunter will be supervised and assisted by an adult mentor during the hunt. Adults wishing to volunteer as dog handlers or mentors also must register in advance by calling (574) 551-4067. Shotguns will be provided for youth who do not have their own. Parents are encouraged to accompany the youth.

Salamonie Lake is at 9214 West Lost Bridge West, Andrews, 46702  


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Small game is how most kids

Small game is how most kids get their start in the hunting world. This is a great program for the kids in Indiana. I hope it was a success. I like how they will provide the shotguns needed for the hunt for the kids who don't have access to them. I love how more and more states are doing more youth events. Here in Oregon they have made huge strides in youth hunting oppertunities and special events like this one. Not only through the ODFW but also other orginizations like the Oregon hunters association. I took my youngest son out with me last weekend for the afternoon looking for bears. We headed up a bit early and I showed him how to shoot my .22. It's a little big for him so I held it while he aimed and pulled the trigger. He still every day talks about that. It's nice to see the impact stuff like that has on a young child. He loves going hunting with his daddy. Good job Indiana for host such events and getting the kids involved.

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  Great program for the youth


Great program for the youth of Indiana.  This is for kids with and without parents and is truly a great program for the kids.

Rabbit hunting is a great way of introducing youth to the sport of hunting.  I like that the program also offers volunteers and their dogs for a rabbit hunt that includes the howl of a hound behind a rabbit.

Good for Indiana and the youth of the state.