Young Sportsman Deer Hunt

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Tennessee's 2004-05 deer hunting seasons will end in all Units with the Young Sportsman Deer Hunt that will be held on January 15-16, 2005, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).

The bag limit for this special hunt is two deer (no more than one antlered) in Units A and L. In Unit B the bag limit is one deer of either-sex.

Remember that antlered deer taken during the Young Sportsman Hunt count toward the statewide antlered deer bag limit. If a youth in Unit A or L has already taken three antlered deer this year, they would only be allowed antlerless deer on this hunt. A youth in Unit B that has already taken two antlered deer in Unit B could only take antlerless deer unless they went to Unit A or L, where one more antlered deer could be taken.

Only youths, ages 10 through 16 (as long as they have not reached their 17th birthday), may participate, regardless of whether they possess a Junior or Adult license. Each youth must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, 18 years or older, who does not need a license but must also wear 500-square inches of fluorescent orange.

A hunter education card is required along with the appropriate license where applicable. For more information about this special hunt, refer to the 2004 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide.