Young Ohio Archers are Named World Champions

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The Logan Hocking Middle School (Hocking County) archery team and Cody Bush of Philo Junior High School took first place at the third National Archery in the Schools (NASP) World Tournament held in Orlando, Florida October 6-8 according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife.

One thousand seventy-one student archers participated in the tournament with representatives from 28 states and the countries of Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand.

In addition, five other Ohio students placed at the competition: Dylan Crabtree of Logan placed 5th as an individual in the Middle School Male Division; Cole Cook Logan Hocking Middle School was 8th, also in the Middle School Male Division; Ryan McGill from St. Peter in Chains School in Hamilton County, took 2nd place in the 6th Grade Individual Male Division; Ciara Cox from Logan High School was 4th in the High School Female Division; and Kelsey Taylor from Morgan High School (Morgan County), finished 8th in the High School Female Division.

The Ohio students and teams qualified to participate in the NASP World Tournament through their participation in the NASP National competition held in Louisville, KY this past May. For more information, including complete results of the NASP World Tournament go to

The National Archery in the Schools Program brings target archery to the school gym. The curriculum covers archery, safety, equipment, technique, concentration skills, and self-improvement. Kentucky originated NASP in 2002. Ohio has participated in the program since 2004. For more information on the program, visit

The ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR Web site at


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  Hey another Ohio success! 


Hey another Ohio success!  Great job to the Logan Hocking Middle School archery team and Cody Bush of Philo Junior High School that took first place at the third National Archery in the Schools (NASP) World Tournament!  Way to go!  Also Congrats to the other Ohio youth involved that placed high in the competition!  This is a great program that if offered within the school district system is a tremendous way to introduce students who would not normally get involved with outdoor activities.  I wonder how many of these students are avid bow hunters?  Hopefully those that are not will become interested!


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Congrats to the young

Congrats to the young archers. I have been a supporter of the NASP program and wish it was availible in my state. My kids would really like to be a part of it. I have them come to the range with me so they can shoot their bows. This tournament is pretty cool and archers from around the world come to participate in it. I'm glad the kids have fun with it and have stuff like this to do . It will keep them out of trouble. Good jobs to the state who have programs like this in their schools. Our schools can't even get supplies in our classrooms or even pay teachers. Our local government is to busy paying for bike lanes so the bike riders have their own road system.