Young Cougar Killed in Oregon for Aggressive Behavior

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A cougar considered a public safety threat because it was killing domestic cats in a rural residential area was shot at 10:30 p.m. Sunday night (Nov. 9) by an ODFW employee just outside of La Grande.

"The cougar stayed within a populated area and was actively hunting house pets, signs that indicate a threat to human safety," said Union District Biologist Leonard Erickson. "The cougar was also operating in very close proximity to a popular city park."

The cougar was a 56-pound young female estimated to be less than two years of age.

ODFW worked closely with local law enforcement and a houndsman to track the cougar. Erickson credited residents in the area for their assistance and cooperation while the cougar was being pursued. "Residents permitted access to their property and provided us with valuable information, which led to a successful resolution of the problem," he said.

More information about cougars in Oregon is available at the following Web site: