Year-end Sting Nabs Violators

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In recent weeks, state wildlife enforcement officers wrote 150 citations to hunters for a variety of law violations, according to Chief of Enforcement Curtis Green with the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

Officers carried out enforcement details that checked hunters in the woods in the southwest Mississippi counties of Adams, Amite, Franklin, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Wilkinson.

Most of the infractions of the law involved non-residents with no hunting license, hunting over bait, and hunters not wearing hunter orange while deer hunting.

Other citations were written for hunting from a public road, resident hunters with no hunting license, possession of illegal deer, unplugged shotgun, and killing a deer with spike antlers.

"These cases that our officers made demonstrate that hunters who violate the law never take a day off," Executive Director Sam Polles said.

"Wildlife enforcement officers are the first line of defense for our natural resources, and our officers have proven they are up to the task."


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It amazes me on how many

It amazes me on how many citations are written for things that true hunters can and do easily avoid. I mean come on if you are going to go hunting then buy a license of your own. Wearing orange and all the other stupid things these guys get written up for are rediculous. Nobody is at a disadvantage by obeying the law. If I remember correctly the number one violation here in Colorado is having a loaded chamber while in the vehicle. If you think unloading your gun in the truck is gonna keep you from getting your deer then maybe you need to think about how you hunt a little more. Either that or they just have no idea of firearm safety and that is even worse.

Know the law and obey the law and everything will go just fine.