Wyoming's New Black Bear Management Plan

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A new black bear management plan that will provide direction for future management of black bears in Wyoming is now in effect. It updates the previous plan that has been in place since 1994.

The plan calls for establishing a range of harvest criteria to assess harvest impacts of black bears on the overall population. These include age of bears harvested and the percentage of males and females that make up the harvest. The current female mortality quota system where seasons are closed when a specific female mortality quota for a hunt area is reached will be continued.

In addition to harvest data, the Game and Fish will monitor other means of human-caused black bear mortality such as accidental death or removal of problem bears. Hunting will remain an important part of the plan and opportunities for hunters will continue in both spring and fall seasons. Baiting will also continue in areas where it is currently allowed. Other factors such as dealing with black bear damage, information and education efforts to prevent incidents, proper storage of food and garbage and translocation and lethal removal of bears are addressed.

The complete Wyoming Black Bear Plan can be viewed on the Game and Fish Web site http://gf.state.wy.us