Wyoming Hunting News

Whitetail Decoy Nets 31 Violations
The Game and Fish Department used a whitetail buck decoy during a one day operation to detect hunting violations. The decoy was setup in deer area 2 in the Black Hills near a public road. Eighteen vehicles stopped and attempted to take what they thought was a real whitetail buck. Twenty-four people shot at the decoy resulting in 31 citations and 10 warnings.
Big Piney and Chimney Butte Hunts
Elk hunters with limited quota licenses in hunt areas 94 and 98 are eligible to sign up for the Big Piney or Chimney Butte hunter management areas and extend their hunting season for antlerless elk to Jan. 31. Only 100 permits (first come, first served) will be issued in Pinedale on November 12th from 8 AM to Noon, so arrive early if you meet the criteria.
Wyoming's Top 10 Hunting Violations
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department wants to help you avoid common hunting mistakes that typically get hunters in hot water. They have posted their top 10 most common violations. Most of these should be well know like "Wanton Destruction..." but the exact rules for "Shooting From a Public Road..." may not be; check them out before heading out this season.
Three Poachers Earn Jail Time and Fines
The Carbon County Sheriff's Department recently closed the book on a poaching case that required over one year of investigation. Two Wyoming men and one Wisconsin man were sentenced to jail time of at least two weeks each, fines of up to $10,000, loss of equipment, and loss of hunting rights. The trio were convicted of killing at least eleven big game animals out of season. Charges are pending on a fourth individual as a result of the investigation.
Bragging Elk Poacher Busted
A Wyoming man, Brion T. Domman, was fined $5000 and had his hunting/fishing rights revoked for 5 years after poaching a trophy elk. The break in the case came when Domman bragged about the kill to a University of Wyoming student. The student later reported the incident to the Fish and Game department.