Wyoming Hunting News

Identity Theft Used to Buy Hunting Licenses
Identity theft entered the realm of hunting licenses before being ferreted out by the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department. This June, the Sheridan County Detention Center processed who they thought was Robert C. Rammon for battery.
Proper Game Disposal Reminder
Every October, Wyoming Game and Fish Department offices field calls similar to this: “I live in the country and somebody shot an antelope and left it on our road.” Investigation almost always reveals the sighting was only a carcass left as litter by someone who processed their own game.
Targeted CWD Surveillance Reveals New Area of Infection
A sick looking mule deer collected in Saratoga Aug. 14 tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD). “The deer was taken in deer Hunt Area 80 outside the CWD Zone, the area where CWD was known to occur,” says Bob Lanka, Wyoming Game and Fish Department Laramie Region Wildlife Coordinator.
G&F Responds to Wildfire License Inquiries
With the Boulder Basin 2 fire spreading southwest of Cody and other wildland fires in Wyoming generating inquiries about potential hunting license refunds, the Game and Fish Department is alerting hunters about the G&F regulation which covers such situations.
Feedground Area Elk Hunters Need Extra Permit
Elk hunters in western Wyoming where elk populations are supplementary fed during the winter on feedgrounds are alerted they will need a special elk management permit in addition to their license beginning this fall.
Young Hunters Encouraged to Showcase Their Skills
Young hunters are encouraged to showcase their skill at the fourth annual Wyoming Youth Hunter Education Challenge Saturday, Sept. 6 at the Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo in Casper. This competition for young hunters 12 to 18 years old consists of .22 rifle and shotgun marksmanship, written and hands-on tests of firearms safety and wildlife identification.
G&F Commission Approves Wolf Plan
Although delisting the gray wolf and placing it under state management came a step closer with the recent approval of the Wyoming Gray Wolf Management Plan, the animal is still protected by federal law, reports the Game and Fish Department.
Leftover Doe/Fawn and Cow/Calf Licenses Sales Start Aug. 15
Leftover reduced price doe/fawn antelope and deer and cow/calf elk licenses go on sale Aug. 15 at license agents in the respective hunt areas with some new rules to make sales more equitable and consistent across Wyoming.
Deadline for Second Deer, Elk, and Antelope Drawing is July 21st
Hunters are alerted applications for leftover deer, elk and antelope licenses must be received at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Cheyenne office by 5 p.m. July 21.
Fewer Carcasses Tallied in 2003 Deer Mortality Surveys
Gary Fralick, the G&F’s wildlife biologist in Thayne, says the overall 2002-03 winter and early spring mule deer mortality was below normal for the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Herd.