Wyoming Hunting News

Red Rim Elk Mystery Solved
A little plant that is part fungus and part alga is responsible for the deaths of nearly 300 elk near here. The plant is a lichen known as Parmelia that is abundant in desert soils around the state.
Elk Have Moved Out of Red Rim Area
The number of elk afflicted by a strange malady near Red Rim seem to have leveled off, thanks in part to winter leaving the high desert basin.
Antler Hunters Should be Governed by Commonsense
In many areas of western Wyoming, picking up shed antlers is no longer casual recreation --it’s a competition sport. An interstate game tag must be affixed to all shed antlers taken across state lines. Plus, if antlers are found still attached to the skull, approval from a G&F officer is required before removing the antlers from the site.
First Captured Elk Dies; Research and Surveys Continue
The first live but afflicted elk transported from the area southwest of Rawlins where 280 have lost leg muscle strength and died or been euthanized, died at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory Friday morning.
Nonresident Deer/Antelope Application Due March 15
Nonresident hunters are alerted applications for deer and antelope licenses – including doe/fawn – must be received in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Cheyenne office no later than 5 p.m. March 15.
Afflicted Rawlins Elk Transported to State Vet Lab
Four live elk displaying the loss of leg muscle control that has caused the death of 280 elk southwest of Rawlins since Feb. 8, have been transported to Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory in Laramie.
Several Causes Ruled Out as Elk Death Total Reaches 275
Laboratory tests and analysis have conclusively ruled out several causes, including chronic wasting disease, some insecticides and a variety of metals, in the mysterious deaths of elk southwest of Rawlins.
Mysterious Elk Deaths Rise Over 250
The mysterious deaths of elk southwest of Rawlins continue to rise. As of Wednesday, Feb. 25, the death toll stood at 275 elk, of which only a few are bulls. Most are cows and calves in good condition.
It's Hunter Education Season
With midwinter the slowest outdoor period of the year and hunter education classes plentiful it is the best time to take the class. Hunter education is required for everyone born after 1965 to hunt with a firearm in Wyoming and for everyone regardless of age to hunt in Grand Teton National Park or the National Elk Refuge.
Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased
The Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife organization has increased the reward to $8,500 for the conviction of the person or persons responsible for poaching three bull moose Nov. 8 near Mountain View. SFW Vice Chairman Eric Adams says their board of directors thought this particular case warranted a larger reward due to the heinous nature of the crime.