Wyoming Hunting News

Time to Apply for Hunter Management Area Permission
Hunting seasons are a few weeks off, but the season for obtaining access in the Game and Fish Department’s Private Lands/Public Wildlife program is underway. Hunters can start the process of securing permission for one of the G&F’s 23 hunter management areas, which are a ranch or group of ranches leased by the G&F for public access.
Deadline for Second Deer, Elk, and Antelope Drawing
Hunters are alerted applications for leftover deer, elk and antelope licenses must be received at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Cheyenne office by 5 p.m. July 20. The second drawing will be held around July 31. Licenses remaining following the drawing will be sold “as processed” through the Cheyenne office.
Researchers to Answer Questions in Last Winter Elk Die-Off
Four months following the discovery of elk unable to get up on their legs finds researchers pursuing unanswered questions that still surround the die-off that claimed an estimated 450 elk in the sagebrush habitat 15 miles southwest of Rawlins.
Bison Regulation and Game Tag Comments Deadline
Comments on proposed changes to bison hunting regulations and permitting a $1.50 commission to be charged on interstate game tag sales are due by 5 p.m. June 18 at the Game and Fish Department’s Casper Office.
New Law Better Defines Hunting and Fishing Residency
Talk on the street that Wyoming’s hunting and fishing license residency laws have been liberalized is not true, reports the Game and Fish Department.
Cattle Recruited to Help Northern Snowy Range Elk
Using a carefully designed grazing strategy, the Game and Fish Department and Sims Cattle Company of McFadden, are working together to improve grass communities on the Wick Wildlife Habitat Management Area on the north edge of the Snowy Range.
Mule Deer Winter-Kill Count
Volunteers assisting the Wyoming Game and Fish Department with the 11th annual deer mortality surveys May 1-2 discovered a significant increase in winterkill over 2003 surveys. The surveys took place near Cokeville and La Barge, with some 60 volunteers riding horses and hiking on foot to locate the deer mortalities.
Man Sentenced for Grabbing Antlers Before Habitat Area Opened
There has been an increased interest in shed antler hunting in recent years in Wyoming. Reports of wildlife harassment and unlawful entry into habitat areas by unethical antler hunters have increased. Ethical antler hunters have also complained of stolen opportunity by those individuals that don’t follow the law.
Summary Maps Available for Elk, Deer, and Antelope Applicants
Summary maps listing elk, deer and antelope seasons and quotas are available for resident hunters to consult before submitting their applications this month for limited quota licenses.
Preference Point Error on Refund Check Stubs
Moose and bighorn sheep hunters who have applied every year since the preference point system began in 1995, are alerted they indeed have accrued 10 preference points – not zero as printed on their refund check stub.