Wyoming Hunting News

Wyoming Prime Elk Area is Hit by Poachers
Wildlife officers are frustrated with illegal elk hunting taking place in hunt area 113, the Rochelle Hills southeast of Wright, and warn poachers that severe penalties await those who get caught.
Wyoming Hunters Reminded of ATV Etiquette
With big game hunting seasons getting into full swing, hunters using off road vehicles are reminded to keep other hunters in mind.
Wyoming Mountain Lion Identification Course
Puma, cougar, panther or mountain lion - whatever you choose to call the big cat, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has a new online course to aid in correctly identifying male and female mountain lions in the field.
Wyoming's Revised Wolf Management Plan Open for Public Comment
The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission today authorized a 30-day public comment period on the state’s draft revised gray wolf management plan. The revised plan will be posted on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Web site on Monday, Sept. 10. The comment period will end Oct. 10.
Wyoming Expands Bison Hunt to Elk Refuge
National Elk Refuge Manager Steve Kallin announced Thursday that hunting of the Jackson Bison Herd will be expanded to include the refuge beginning Sept. 15, 2007.
Wyoming has New Number to Report Poaching
Wildlife violators beware: the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has a new Stop Poaching tip line designed to help crack down on illegal hunting and fishing activities in the state.
Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Expo Offers Women's Shotgun Clinic
If you're a woman looking to improve your marksmanship or just want to learn to safely handle and shoot a shotgun, Sunday, Sept. 9 at the Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo in Casper is for you.
Wyoming Fall Turkey and Preference Point Application
Hunters are alerted they can now apply for western Wyoming's early season sandhill crane permits, limited quota fall turkey licenses and preference points.
Wyoming Hunters Receive Sentence for Illegal Hunting
The collective actions of four overzealous Sheridan hunters who repeatedly shot into a large herd of elk Nov. 10, 2006, killing at least 10 animals and leaving the majority of the meat to waste, generated a collective sentence June 28 of more than $23,000 in fines and restitution and 42 years of forfeited hunting privileges
Wyoming Preference Point Letters
After receiving their moose and bighorn sheep refund check, many hunters contacted the Wyoming Game and Fish Department looking for their preference point totals that are usually printed on the check stub.