Wyoming Man Fined For Dogs Killing Deer

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A Centennial man who was cited for his dogs killing two mule deer fawns has received heavy fines totaling more than $8,000 by Albany County Circuit Court Judge Robert Castor.

Castor assessed Lyle Barrett of Centennial $4,000 each in restitution to the State of Wyoming for the two deer plus $120 in fines following his citation for two of his dogs killing two fawns on June 12. Centennial is a rural community 30 miles west of Laramie at the foot of the Snowy Range area of the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Laramie Game Warden Bill Haley investigated a report from a neighbor who said he had heard what sounded like an animal in distress. While investigating the area of the disturbance, Haley came across two large dogs that were guarding two recently killed fawns. Haley said the fawns were no more than a few days old and he could see the bite marks on the fawns. It appeared the dogs had started to eat one of the fawns.

Haley recognized the dogs as belonging to Barrett as he had given Barrett a warning six months earlier in January following a report of his dogs chasing deer. At that time, Barrett said snow had drifted into his yard and allowed the dogs to get out of his fenced area.

"Judge Castor is to be commended for his concern for Wyoming's wildlife resource," Haley said. People in the area enjoy wildlife and this is a needless waste of two mule deer."

Wyoming statute specifically prohibits harassment or killing of big game animals by dogs. Pet owners whose animals are chasing or harassing big game are subject to punishment under Wyoming law.


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Wow!! That's a pretty hefty

Wow!! That's a pretty hefty fine for sure. But it clearly says he was warned before and it is 100% your resposability as a pet owner to keep them under control. I bet he's wishing he had paid better attention now that this has happened. When I was a kid in Wisconsin it was considered totally unacceptable for a dog to chase or harrass deer and most would shoot one on sight including thier own if they saw it happen.

We have had a few cases of wardens shooting dogs here in Colorado for similar situations. People get upset but they don't realize how serious this can be.

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These dogs seem like they

These dogs seem like they need some good obediance. They are out of control and something needs to be done. What happens if these dogs do this to a person.