Wyoming: Interstate Game Tags Required When Antlers are Attached to Skull Plates

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Every year WGFD offices receive calls concerning collecting antlers. Troy Tobiasson, Sheridan Game Warden reminds hunters, "When someone finds a skull with antlers or horns attached they must contact a Wyoming Game and Fish Department law enforcement officer as soon as possible and arrangements must be made to game tag the antlers or horns."

Tobiasson adds, "This same procedure applies to road-killed animals. Once we have been contacted and obtain detailed information regarding the dead animal and its location, it is possible that the person who found the skull will be allowed to bring it in and have it properly tagged."

Naturally shed antlers and horns do not require Wyoming Interstate Game Tags, nor does the Department need to be notified when they are found. There are no closed antler hunting seasons in northeast Wyoming, however, the Department urges all antler hunters to avoid moving elk and deer while they are on their winter ranges, especially when deep snows or cold temperatures persist.

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  Well I can see why the


Well I can see why the state GFD wants the tag on these animals as it allows for a tighter control on poachers plus also gives an idea of what animals died outside of the hunting season - I get that.  But to make a law abiding person travel to a game official office to pick up a tag would seem to require too much of the individual.  Now the article does not exactly state that - it says make contact and make arrangements with a game official... so I would hope this means that a game official when not busy drops by the law abiding person's residence and delivers the tag.  Or the state needs to do what Kansas now allows and that is using technology to assist in this situation - taking a picture of the skull/antlers found and e-mailing it to the game official so a tag can be mailed out to the individual.