Wolf Hunting News

Wisconsin to Study Predator Impacts on Deer
Scientists with the Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin will launch an ambitious, multi-year field research effort to better understand the impacts predators such as wolves, bears, coyotes and bobcats have on white-tailed deer in Wisconsin.
Rocky Mtn. Elk Foundation "Calls Out" Wolf Groups
In letters to legislators and newspapers across the West, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is calling out groups like Defenders of Wildlife, Western Wildlife Conservancy and others for their disingenuous use of data on wolves and elk.
Oregon DFW Collars 3 Imnaha Pack Wolves
ODFW staff collared three wolves from the Imnaha pack last week, which will help wildlife managers better track and understand the pack's movements.
Michigan DNRE Asks for Help Detecting Wolves
The Department of Natural Resources and Environment announced it will conduct a survey in the northern Lower Peninsula Feb. 16 through March 12 to detect the presence of gray wolves in this area of the state.
New Mexico Releases Wolf in Gila Wilderness
Wild-born Mexican wolf No. 1154 was released at an approved site in the Gila Wilderness on Sunday Jan. 10.
Idaho Wolf Hunters Need New Tags for 2010
Hunters who want to pursue wolves after December 31, are reminded they will need a 2010 wolf tag.
RMEF Continues Fight for Wolf Management
Responding to the latest legal wrangling by environmental groups, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation again has entered into federal court an amicus curiae brief supporting wolf population management via state-regulated hunting in Idaho and Montana.
Some Idaho Wolf Zones Nearing Limit
Wolf harvest is nearly at the limits in the Palouse-Hells Canyon and the Southern Mountains wolf zones - each zone has one wolf left until they close.
Still Time to Comment on Washington Wolf Plan
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will continue to accept public comments for another month on a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for a state wolf conservation and management plan.
Idaho FGC Extends Wolf Hunt
The Idaho Fish and Game Commission on Thursday, November 19, extended wolf hunting seasons in all Idaho wolf zones not already closed to March 31.