Wisconsin Hunting News

Wisconsin Mentored Hunting Program Grows in Second Year
With the fall hunting seasons in full swing, now is the time hunters can help secure the future of their tradition and introduce someone to hunting by taking advantage of Wisconsin's mentored hunting law.
Wisconsin's Early Deer Hunt Offers Earn-a-Buck Opportunity

The antlerless deer hunt in the chronic wasting disease Management Zone (CWD-MZ) Oct. 14-17 is an opportunity for hunters to prequalify for a buck authorization sticker.

CWD management units have an earn-a-buck (EAB) season structure in 2010, meaning hunters must first harvest and register an antlerless deer before shooting a buck. Hunters in CWD management units may earn a buck authorization sticker by registering antlerless deer, which can be used during a later season when it is legal to harvest bucks.

Wisconsin Wild Turkey Season Opens Sept. 18th

The 2010 Fall Wild Turkey and Ruffed Grouse seasons are set to open at the start of shooting hours on Sept. 18, and state wildlife officials say hunter prospects are good for both seasons.

Wisconsin Reminds Hunters of New Hunting Rules for 2010 Seasons

Hunters and trappers looking forward to the 2010-2011 seasons will have some new rules to follow as they pursue their fall pastimes. Several of the new rules were requested and supported by hunters and trappers at the annual Spring Rule Hearings. Others have come to life in response to changing wildlife management needs and new technologies.

Wisconsin Uses DNA to Confirm 4 Cougars in State During Past 2 Years

A few drops of blood, preserved by an alert warden, proves that while one male cougar was tracking through St. Croix and Dunn counties this past December, another male cougar was moving near the Flambeau River, 125 miles to the north.

This cougar, crossing a road, was spotted by a female bus driver east of Park Falls. Warden Dan Michels responded and followed the animal's tracks into a cedar swamp where he spotted tiny blood drops behind the cougar's tracks. He collected them in a test tube, froze the contents and submitted them for DNA analysis.

Wisconsin Offers New Web Based Alerts on Wolf Activity

Administrators from the natural resource agencies in 13 Midwestern states and three Canadian provinces have signed a joint resolution urging the U.S. Department of the Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service to remove the gray wolf from the federal endangered species list.

Wisconsin Adopts New Rules for Control of Feral Swine and Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Rules going into effect this summer are designed to prevent new introductions of three invasive species. Under the rules effective July 1, 2010, people must have a license to possess wolf-dog hybrids, feral or wild swine, and mute swans in captivity.

Also as of July 1, it is illegal to release any of these species into the wild and such releases can result in penalties of up to $1,142, as well as restitution costs for any damage caused by these animals.

Wisconsin Fall Turkey Apps Due August 2
Wisconsin hunters registered 47,539 turkeys during the 2010 spring turkey season. The registration total was a 9.6 percent decrease from the 2009 harvest of 52,581 birds.
Wisconsin's New Webpage to Follow Deer Research
Staying on top of developments and progress in Wisconsin's $2 million investment in deer research is only a mouse-click away at a new "White-tailed Deer Research Projects" page on the Department of Natural Resources website.
Wisconsin Considers Changes to Archery Deer Permits
Archery deer hunters would be restricted to using the antlerless deer carcass tag that is issued with each archery hunting license to only those deer management units with an established antlerless deer harvest quota, under a proposal that is the topic of upcoming public hearings around the state.