Wisconsin Hunting News

New Firearm Rules Take Effect on Opening Day of Gun Deer Hunt in Wisconsin

New legislation signed Friday by Gov. Scott Walker modifies state law concerning the manner in which long-barreled firearms, bows and crossbows can be transported in motor vehicles or placed in or on stationary vehicles.

The new law will be published in time to take effect Nov. 19, opening day of the traditional, nine-day, 2011 gun deer season.

In its essence, the new law can be boiled down to a single statement, said Tim Lawhern, DNR division of enforcement and science administrator.

Honor the Wisconsin Hunter Who Does it Right and Nominate

Annual ethical hunter award nominations due to December 15

Be safe. Be ethical.

Those four words represent two essential elements to a successful hunting trip.

"We must always remind ourselves about the importance of safety and ethical hunting each time we head into the field," said Bob Lamb, retired La Crosse Tribune outdoors editor and co-founder of the Tribune/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Hunter Ethics Award. "In turn, by acknowledging safe and ethical hunting when we see it, we are encouraging more of the same."

Chicago-area Residents Pack First Shots® Seminars to Exercise Their Firearm Freedoms

With their individual right to keep and bear arms reaffirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court's McDonald ruling, Chicagoland residents are displaying their keen interest in owning firearms by filling First Shots® seminars at area shooting ranges.

Rescued Dogs Helping Determine Wisconsin Bobcat Population

UW Stevens Point partners in project involving Conservation Canines.

Dogs rescued from shelters have been trained to detect the scent of the elusive bobcat in Wisconsin to help scientists determine how many of these North American mammals are at home in the Badger State’s central region.

Roughly two years remain on a three-year joint research project involving the Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point that started because of increasing interest in this nocturnal, solitary, and secretive animal.

Wisconsin Hunters May Harvest Deer with Tags and Collars

Wisconsin wildlife researchers ask for basic, valuable information in return.

Wildlife researchers are looking for assistance from Wisconsin hunters who may harvest any of the more than 335 white-tailed deer marked with ear tags and radio-collars during the archery and gun-deer seasons.

The researches say hunters’ help may play a role in how Wisconsin’s white-tailed deer herd is managed for generations to come. That’s a big impact for help that may take each hunter who harvests a marked deer only a few minutes to provide.

Baiting, Feeding Regulations Remain Important in Wisconsin

State wildlife officials and conservation wardens are reminding hunters that baiting and feeding of deer is banned in 28 Wisconsin counties and that current law places restrictions on the timing and amount of bait that can be used for hunting purposes in all remaining counties.

2011 Wisconsin Archery Deer Season to be Longest in State History

The 2011 Wisconsin’s archery deer hunt that opens September 17 will be the longest bow deer hunt in state history.

For the first time, bow hunting will be allowed during the regular nine-day gun deer hunt in November. As before, there will be no deer hunting on the Friday preceding the gun deer hunt. This single day will now separate the early and late bow deer seasons.

The 2011 archery deer season runs from Saturday, Sept. 17, through Thursday, Nov. 17 and then from Saturday, Nov. 19, the start of the gun season, through Jan. 8, a Sunday.

Wisconsin Black Bear Hunting Season Opens on September 7th
Prospects are good for the 2011 Wisconsin black bear hunting season that opens September 7, according to state wildlife biologists who say bears are thriving and continuing to explore new territories in Wisconsin.
Leftover Fall 2011 Wisconsin Wild Turkey Permits go on Sale August 27

Remaining permits for the 2011 fall turkey hunting season will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis starting at noon on Saturday, August 27.

Wisconsin Black Bear/Bobcat Online Reporting Successul

The first year of an online site developed to collect reports of black bear and bobcat sightings from citizens produced more than 800 reports. This information has been valuable in documenting presence and range expansion for both species, according to wildlife biologists.