Wisconsin Reworks Turkey Hunting Zones

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Turkey hunters are reminded that beginning with the fall 2008 season, the number of turkey hunting zones will be reduced to seven large zones instead of the more than 50 small zones currently in place.

There will still be the same number of time periods, same amount of total turkey hunting area and the permit process will remain the same, according to wildlife managers. Each of the new zones combine a number of the current smaller zones and will allow hunters more flexibility to move about in search of game within a larger zone. The new zones were established based on habitat characteristics, harvest success rates and hunter interference rates.

"The concept of a smaller number of larger zones has worked well in other states similar to Wisconsin," said Hull. "Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and Iowa all manage turkeys and turkey hunting with fewer zones. I think once hunters get used to the new structure, they'll like the new ability to move around more within their chosen zone. In addition to a larger potential hunting area, there will be fewer zone boundaries to deal with."

More information can be found on the wild turkey page of the DNR Web site.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Scott Hull (608) 267-7861