Wisconsin DNR Prepares for Deer Hunt with Launch of Facebook, Twitter and Website Changes

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With the opening day of the nine-day gun deer hunt right around the corner, the Department of Natural Resources is unveiling new tools it’s using to keep in touch with hunters this year.

Just days ago, the DNR launched its first Facebook page and Twitter account and laid out plans for special coverage on the DNR website.

The Wisconsin DNR Facebook [www.facebook.com/WIDNR] page is an agency-wide page that has a focus on the fun experiences of recreating in Wisconsin’s outdoors. It will cover a variety of seasonal subjects. So, in the most immediate future, visitors to the page will likely see many posts about the upcoming hunting season, fall fishing, and bird migration, to name a few.

People with Twitter accounts can follow DNR by typing @WDNR in the Twitter search bar and they will see the Wisconsin DNR account [twitter.com/WDNR] pop up on the right hand side of the screen, and then can click “follow” to receive Wisconsin DNR tweets.

As the gun-deer hunt gets underway Nov. 19, the DNR homepage will begin special coverage of the hunt. Each day visitors to the page will find new material on the main page. Topics will range from initial opening weekend numbers to special messages from DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp to inside looks at special programs geared to getting more people involved in one of Wisconsin’s greatest traditions. Make sure to stop by every day to see what’s new!

“This is an energizing time for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and we look forward to having you a part of our new adventure,” Stepp said.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Laurel Steffes, Director, Office of Communications - (608) 266-8109 or Bill Cosh, DNR Spokesperson - (608) 267-2773


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  This is a great way to get


This is a great way to get more people and hunters into a communication with the state's DNR/DOW.  I have to agree with Hunter25 that more youth will get a greater amount out of the facebook link than maybe the oldest hunters out there.  BGH has a great facebook presence and I am linked to their articles and information through that as well.  I too am not a twitter user or follower but this does pander to all ages.  I tried to find the Colorado DOW on facebook and couldn't - at least I couldn't readily find it.  It they are not there then our DOW is missing out on a means to communicate to the Colorado hunters and fishermen here.  I also have asked the PA DNR through their facebook page to get us a picture of that William Zee elk that was harvested this year.  Anyhow - great for Wisconsin for making the additional step in communicating with their outdoor public.

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i love the way more and more

i love the way more and more game departments are stepping up and getting in touch better with the public. Nearly everyone around has a facebook account now with even myself included. Never tried the twitter thing and don't plan on it but the facebook is definately a better way to get more youth interested in what's going on. In my experience very few take th etime to look at the department game websites like us older guys do.

Good job Wisconsin for expanding and moving forward.