Wisconsin DNR Offers Advanced Rifle Course

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People who have taken a basic hunter education course and are looking to take their hunting skill up to another level can now enroll in an Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Course being offered by the state Department of Natural Resources.

Anyone who has graduated from the Basic Hunter Education Course, or who is exempt from taking the basic course, can enroll in this new advanced offering. While basic Hunter Education students learn to safely handle and discharge firearms, the advanced course teaches more indepth knowledge of the firearms, preferred methods of shooting to improve marksmanship skills, and how to properly maintain equipment.

The Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Course content includes:

  • * Learning the shooting platform and the seven factors common to all shooting positions.
  • * The seven steps in a proper shooting sequence.
  • * Telescopic sight maintenance, adjustment and mounting.
  • * Ammunition and how weather, geographic conditions, temperature, wind and sunlight affect accuracy is explained.
  • * Rifle maintenance, including equipment needed, cleaning techniques, and special considerations are demonstrated.

"There's a lot of personal coaching throughout the program with plenty of hands-on experience," Lawhern says.

The Rifle Marksmanship Course is offered over two days. Course fee depends on instructor expenses and location. Students are encouraged to bring a legal deer hunting rifle, with a variable power scope, chambered in a legal deer hunting caliber for Wisconsin.

Participants have praised the marksmanship course saying they graduated with significantly improved shooting skills and knowledge. Hunters interested in attending a Rifle Marksmanship Course should visit ttp://dnr.wi.gov/org/es/enforcement/safety/hunted.htm . (Click on upcoming classes and then select a county and look for the title “Advanced Rifle Marksmanship”) or contact a DNR Regional Safety Warden. If enough interest is generated, a regional safety warden may arrange for a Rifle Marksmanship Course to be held at a regional location.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Tim Lawhern - (608) 266-1317