Wilderness Medicine Clinic

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[EDITOR'S ADVISORY: Due to a scheduling conflict, the date for following clinic has been changed from March 16 to March 23.]

A clinic designed to prepare enthusiasts for unexpected medical emergencies when off the beaten path will be offered March 23 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Sandhill Outdoor Skills Center.

The Wilderness First-Aid clinic will feature Rod Erickson, M.D., who will discuss topics on outdoor hygiene, how to deal with cuts, sprains, strains, broken bones and evacuation strategies. This clinic is recommended for persons guiding their families and friends in such out-of-the-way places as the Boundary Waters and other remote places.

Registration is limited to 25 people on a first-come, first-served basis and is confirmed by mailing in a registration fee of $10 per person by March 15.

Checks should be made out to DNR-Skills Center. Include the name of each participant, and the address and daytime phone number of one person in each party. Send your registration fee to: Sandhill Outdoor Skills Center, Box 156, Babcock, WI 54413.

Inquiries on the status of registrations may be sent via e-mail to: . More information on the Sandhill Outdoor Skills Center can be found on the DNR website.


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I think this course is a

I think this course is a great idea as very few people know how to deal with anything other that small cuts or sprains. I know a class like this would nor prepare you for everything that might happen but it could get you started in the right direction should the worst possible come to be. Something like this would be especially helpful in the western states as I think in general we are probably more likely to sustain serious injury because of the terrain we sometimes hunt. I know I have seen self stapling kits available so as to stitch yourself up in an emergency and I always thought it a good idea. Better instruction would tell me if I was right or not.