Whitetail Antlerless Season January 1-2

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Avid deer hunters may mourn the end of the deer seasons this winter, but there’s still hope to put venison in the freezer. While the firearms season ended Dec. 12 and the archery season will end on Dec. 31, hunters can still get their deer during the January whitetail antlerless season, Jan. 1-2, 2005.

The January season will allow hunters to use any unfilled 2004 deer permit or deer game tag to take an antlerless whitetail. The special season is open in all Deer Management Units except 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 17 and 18. Any unfilled permit or game tag allows the hunter to harvest a white-tailed deer without a visible polished antler. All permits retain unit designation. A 2005 hunting license is also required, unless the hunter is exempt by law. Any legal equipment may be used, including bows, muzzleloaders, handguns, and centerfire rifles, however, all hunters must meet hunter orange requirements.

The January season provides hunters with an additional opportunity to hunt while applying pressure on white-tailed does in units where the population is still above tolerance levels. In areas where more specific control measures are desired, additional special seasons have been designated. In addition to the Jan. 1-2 season, three areas provide more hunting opportunity. The northern portions of Deer Management Units 7 and 8 will be open for an extended whitetail antlerless season from Jan. 3-9, 2005. Hunters may use any unfilled 2004 Unit 7 and Unit 8 firearm permit, as well as game tags and statewide archery permits during the special season. All permits convert to a bag limit of one white-tailed deer without a visible polished antler and hunter orange must be worn.

Deer Management Unit 19, which is the corridor between Topeka and Kansas City, will be open to whitetail antlerless only archery hunting Jan. 3-31, 2005. Hunterswith unfilled statewide archery permits, whitetail antlerless permits, and whitetail antlerless-only game tags may hunt. All permits revert to a bag limit of one whitetail antlerless deer without a visible polished antler.

And the final deer season is the special southeast firearms deer season. Hunters must apply to KDWP’s Pratt office to receive one of the limited special permits for this season. Successful applicants may harvest four white-tailed antlerless deer in a special unit that is within Deer Management Unit 12. The special southeast season is Jan. 3-31, 2005. Consult the 2004 Summary for Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations or call the KDWP Pratt office, (620) 672-5911 for more information on any of the antlerless deer seasons.