Whitetail Deer Hunting News

Deer Gun Season Harvest Increases Three Percent
Hunters harvested 99,599 deer during Ohio's deer gun season. This year's deer gun season began and ended with excellent weather, although heavy rains during the middle of the season kept hunting to a minimum. Regulations this year allowed hunters to take a second deer in 37 counties. The preliminary deer harvest figure of 99,599 last week was slightly below the preseason predictions of about 105,000.
Preliminary Figures: Deer Harvest Down
Preliminary data from this year's Maine deer season indicate that this year's harvest will be in the mid 20,000's, not the low 30,000's as expected. That would be a decrease of approximately 30 percent from last year, and an approximately 20 percent greater decrease than expected. Last year's deer kill was 36,885, this year, biologists expected a harvest of approximately 32,850.
Hunters Harvest Nearly 300,000 Deer
A preliminary call-in tally of registration stations across the state shows hunters taking 291,563 deer during the regular nine-day gun deer hunt that closed Sunday. The Department of Natural Resources wildlife managers had expected a reduced harvest from 2000, when the state had a record deer herd estimated at 1.8 million animals.
Teens Confess to Deer Poaching
Two Clarke County men pleaded guilty on Nov. 8, to using a rifle to kill four buck deer, removing the heads and leaving the remains in the field in Lucas and Clarke counties.
How Much Did Your Deer Weigh?
The Wildlife Resources Agency has posted a chart for estimating the whole body weight of a whitetail deer from its dressed weight. From the charts numbers, it appears that a dressed whitetail loses roughly 21% of its whole weight. Check out the chart if you were not able to weigh your whitetail before dressing.
Deer Season is Oklahoma's Biggest Attraction
It attracts more participants than the busiest day of the Oklahoma State Fair and the Tulsa State Fair -- combined. It attracts more Oklahomans than the number of football fans attending sold out home games at Lewis Field, Owen Field, and Skelly stadium --- combined. And although it may surprise many, the state's largest single-day recreational attraction is the opening day of Oklahoma's deer gun season.
Whitetail Decoy Nets 31 Violations
The Game and Fish Department used a whitetail buck decoy during a one day operation to detect hunting violations. The decoy was setup in deer area 2 in the Black Hills near a public road. Eighteen vehicles stopped and attempted to take what they thought was a real whitetail buck. Twenty-four people shot at the decoy resulting in 31 citations and 10 warnings.
Primitive Deer Harvest Likely Down; Gun Outlook Better
Deer hunting across the state has been slow and biologists are reporting that although some hunters have had good success, they anticipate the rut is still ahead.
Resident Whitetail Permits Available
For the 2001-02 deer seasons, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is offering a number of resident deer permits that may be purchased without going through a drawing. Applications for these permits are now available from Wildlife and Parks offices or from the agency's website, www.kdwp.state.ks.us.
Hunters Encouraged to Harvest Does
Oklahoma's deer herd continues to grow and biologists with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation believe the only way to manage for a healthier, balanced herd is to harvest more antlerless deer.